Toronto Guardian Spring 2024 Spotify Playlist

As the blossoms of spring fade and we welcome the vibrant days of summer, it’s time to look back at the rich mosaic of music that animated Toronto’s scene in Spring 2024. Our “Five Minutes With” series, a weekly spotlight on Toronto’s local talent, not only shared in-depth artist interviews every Friday but also created a unique auditory experience through our seasonal Spotify playlist. As the season has unfolded, this playlist has served as a harmonious summary of the sounds that have resonated through the city, from the bustling streets to the tranquil lakeside.

Toronto Guardian Spring 2024 Spotify Playlist

This Spring, we featured a dynamic array of artists, each adding their own unique voice to Toronto’s ever-expanding musical narrative. From electric pop energies to soulful acoustic strums, each act brought something unique to the turntable. Here’s a closer look at the musicians who defined our Spring 2024 musical lineup:

Vicki Lovelee – Dive into her theatrical and empowering pop performances. (Read Article)
Cory Stewart – Groove to the beats of his catchy, emotive synth-pop. (Read Article)
Dun-Dun Band – Experience the vibrant blend of rock and rhythms that only they can deliver. (Read Article)
Lauren Mayer – Be moved by the heartfelt lyricism of this rising folk artist. (Read Article)
The Anti-Queens – Revel in the high-energy, rebellious spirit of their punk rock. (Read Article)
Melo Griffith – Get swept away by the smooth jazz and soulful vibes. (Read Article)
The Dirty Nil – Turn up the volume for their raucous, gritty rock anthems. (Read Article)
Julie Title – Reflect with her introspective and poetic singer-songwriter style. (Read Article)
Jordan Wav – Chill to the innovative and intriguing electronic beats. (Read Article)
Wolfgang Webb – Discover his unique blend of alternative and experimental sounds. (Read Article)
Jackie and her brother – Enjoy the eclectic and quirky musical journey they offer. (Read Article)
Chlz – Relax to the rhythm of her smooth R&B and soul tracks. (Read Article)
Martha Johnson – Relive the classics with her timeless voice and melodies. (Read Article)

Our Spring 2024 playlist is not just a collection of songs but a gateway to exploring the compelling stories and sounds of these artists. As we share this playlist, available on both our website and Spotify page, we invite you to follow these musicians, dive into their stories, and share their music. Your support can lift their tunes from the local stages of Toronto to the global arena.

In a city reverberating with diverse sounds and relentless creativity, every season unfolds like a new movement in Toronto’s symphony. Listen, enjoy, and let the spirit of the Spring 2024 season resonate through your summer. And, as always, stay tuned for the next chapter in Toronto’s musical journey.

Embrace the playlist, celebrate the artists, and keep the music playing!




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