Five Minutes With: Toronto-based Guitarist Craig Dunsmuir of Dun-Dun Band

Craig Dunsmuir is a Toronto-based guitarist and leader of the ten-member Dun-Dun Band, whose second release (and debut full-length LP) Pita Parka, Pt. I: Xam Egdub is released by local jazz/experimental imprint Ansible Editions on May 3rd, 2024.

Dun-Dun Band


Craig Dunsmuir of Dun-Dun Band


Jazz-rock, progressive rock, math-rock, indie-rock, post-rock, spiritual jazz



# of Albums:

Two to date (including our debut EP, the Dark Matter tape cassette release Riff Ref

Latest Album:

Pita Parka, Pt. I: Xam Egdub

Latest Single:

“No. 1”

Latest Video:

Favourite musician growing up:

Rick White

Favourite musician now:

Jeff Parker

Guilty pleasure song:

April Wine – “Say Hello”

Live show ritual:

Pace around the room quietly and try not to bother other people with my pre-show nerves

Favourite local musicians:

Jay Anderson, Josh Cole, Ted Crosby, Colin Fisher, Blake Howard, Kurt Newman, Karen Ng, Mike Smith, Brodie West

EP or LP?

Either can be great! Typing of which, was recently reminded of a fantastic mid-’90s San Francisco indie-rock EP due to its recent reissue, Thinking Fellers Union Local 282’s Admonishing The Bishops

Early bird or night owl:

Born a night owl, growing into an early bird now that I’m well into middle age

Road or studio:

STUDIO (I am but a road pup)

Any shows or albums coming up?

Dun-Dun Band has a Xam Egdub release party coming up (Thu. May 16th at the TRANZAC Main Hall, 8 pm, ticketed/door cover.

Where can we follow you?



Rapid-Fire Local Questions:

What is your favourite restaurant?

The Little Jerry (418 College St.)

What is your favourite street in the city and why?

When walking with a purpose, Harbord St., since it is downtown Toronto’s east-west wormhole; when walking leisurely, Dundas St. West, because I have lived off of it for so many years

What is your favourite park in the city and why?

Trinity Bellwoods, because it has the perfect park bench spot on the other side of the street from a convenience store on Dundas St. West, an excellent place to read and drink a coffee (plus, the tennis courts on its south end are great too).

What is your favourite music venue in your city?

The TRANZAC Club, at 292 Brunswick Avenue (just South of Bloor St. W.): the main hall is an excellent option for a bigger event rental, but its Southern Cross Lounge front room has been my favourite spot to watch and listen to live music for what is soon approaching the past twenty-five years.

What is your favourite music store in your city?

My manager would fire me if I didn’t first mention that I am the vinyl buyer in the basement of the Bloor/Spadina BMV (471 Bloor St. W., just steps away from the aforementioned TRANZAC Club), but I must also shout out Rotate This (186 Ossington Ave.), where I have flipped through the bins (at this and its previous two other locations) for the past thirty years. Did I mention I am now old?


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