“Five Minutes With” teenager pop singer, Loren Aronov

Born in a small suburb just outside of Toronto, Loren Aronov was raised in a large household of music lovers, igniting her passion for singing and songwriting as early as she can remember.

Like every aspiring artist, Loren Aronov got her feet wet performing at local singing competitions, allowing her an opportunity to share her talents with new audiences. Along the way, she made a positive impression with one reputable music executive in particular who immediately took interest in guiding her musical journey. She leveraged this introduction to begin developing her craft with some of the top producers in the game, leading to a catalogue of songs rarely seen by artists barely in their teens. Fluent in both English and Hebrew, Loren’s multicultural influence is well reflected in her music and is something she uses to connect with fans across the globe.

Loren Aronov


Loren Aronov



# of Albums:

I have 3 singles out in English, 1 more about to be released and one more in Hebrew

Latest Release:


Latest Single:


Latest Video:

Favourite musician as a teenager:

Still a teenager my two favourite artists are I Don’t Know How But They Found Me and Paramore

Favourite musician now: same as move

Guilty Pleasure Song: Do it all the time – I Don’t Know How But They Found Me

Live Show Ritual:

You will laugh but I do the Sharpay ritual from High school musical (lip rolls)

Favourite local artist:


EP or LP?

I don’t have an album yet so I’m not sure

Early bird or night owl?

Definitely night owl (my mom needs to drag me out of bed in the morning)

Road or studio?

Right now I only did studio but I know when I get to where I want to get, it will be the road

Any shows or albums coming up?

I am currently promoting Enemy. I have another song called ‘Too soon to say goodbye’ next

Rapid Fire Qs on Toronto

Favourite local Restaurant:

Cafe Landwer

Favourite Street?

Bridal Path (I love the big huge houses there)

Favourite Park?

Thornhill Woods park

Favourite Music Venue?

Air Canada Center

Where can we follow you?

Instagram | TikTok | YouTube | Spotify | Apple Music



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