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Earth Day is April 22nd, and Earth Month is all of April, but for Acadia Earth Toronto and Call2Recycle, caring for the environment is a full-time job.

Through the the new Recycling Today, Recharging Tomorrow initiative, you can recycle old batteries at Acadia Earth Toronto through the Call2Recycle national program from March to September and get a discount on new Panasonic enloop ready-to-use rechargeable batteries.

Recycle Today and Recharge Tomorrow | Influencing Our Next Steps

Call2Recycle is Canada’s leading battery collection and recycling program. Created in 1994 to provide collection and recycling of Nickel Cadmium batteries, the program has only grown, amassing recognition and strides with battery and electronic recycling.

Batteries have many vital components needed for the creation of commonly used electronics that nearly everyone on the planet uses daily. By chucking old batteries in the garbage, you allow those precious elements to go to waste and potentially pollute the earth in a landfill. By dropping off old batteries at a recycling centre through Call2Recycle, you’re participating in the proper disposal of dangerous materials and contributing to a new electronic ecosystem, encouraging tech companies to use recycled parts to make your favourite device eco-friendly.

“It’s part of the effort done by recycling your plastics, recycling your electronic waste. In the [Arcadia Earth] exhibit, there’s an overall message about reusing, not wasting, recovering and reusing as much as possible because there’s responsibility; there’s an impact on the environment throughout the whole chain, the whole economic chain, from the production of a product to end of life. Recovering these components is important; it helps minimize the impact on the environment.” says Charles-Antoine Dubois, Call2Recycle® Bilingual Communications Manager

Recycle Today and Recharge Tomorrow | Influencing Our Next Steps

Why not contribute to the cause by donating batteries as part of an exciting jumping point for your environmentally cautious journey?

Arcadia Earth is a 17,000-square-foot multi-sensory experience that combines creative art installations and exciting technology to give visitors an inspiring, detailed new look at climate change and the environment.

As part of this collaboration, take note of the Arcadia Earth Toronto Marketplace, where many environmentally cautious products and companies are showcased, including the new Panasonic Eneloop ready-to-use rechargeable batteries. Call2Recycle and Arcadia Earth ask you to consider switching to a reusable option when discarding your old batteries, shying away from single-use products as part of their “buy less” message.

Recycle Today and Recharge Tomorrow | Influencing Our Next Steps

This is a highly individualistic message on climate change when statistics indicate that mega-corporations are more responsible for negative shifts in our environment than individual consumers. However, the Recycling Today and Recharging Tomorrow initiative does not negate that. In response to a critique of their selling Panasonic products, Arcadia Earth President Craig Perlmutter says, “[Big corporations are] also the ones that have to make the biggest changes. They can’t just snap their fingers and poof; they’re green. […] They still need room to do better, and [us] give them some space to do better.”

Arcadia Earth criticizes “greenwashing” in its exhibition and champions the Right to Repair, two major environmental concerns on the radar of the eco-conscious individual. The highly evocative information, messaging, and veracity throughout the Arcadia Earth experience make it clear that they know what they’re talking about.

Recycle Today and Recharge Tomorrow | Influencing Our Next Steps

But is Panasonic the real deal? Check out Panasonic’s The Green Impact to read about the company’s commitment to change and make your own informed decision on its new product.

Also, consider the many options Call2Recycle offers to recycle your batteries: find the closest drop-off location, become a collection partner, order collection boxes, or set up a pickup.

Visit Arcadia Earth Toronto in The Well, an exciting new hub of activity in downtown Toronto. Dive into the oceans, Arctic, beehives and forests or challenge yourself to examine your carbon footprint. See climate change through the senses of sight, touch, hearing, and smell. Enjoy installations made exclusively from recycled materials by artists Samuelle Green, Pamela Moulton, and Benjamin Von Wong and exhibitions in collaboration with WWF.


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