Taurah. Canadian and Female Founded Wellness Brand

We recently caught up with Jessica Sheppard and Rhaelyn Gillespie, Co-Founders of the female founded wellness brand, Taurah.

Co-founder – Jessica Sheppard

What is your brand called and what do you make?

We are the cofounders of Taurah, a collection of wellness essentials that are meant to make you feel good. We use all-natural ingredients to create the products that we wish existed. This began with our coveted yoga mat cleanser, and led to our best selling face mask mist, and most recently our calming and coolings mists.

When did you launch?

Last year in March of 2020, when we quickly shifted to working and working out from home, we asked each other how to clean our yoga mats. This led to our journey of creating Taurah which officially launched in November 2020.


What are some of the things that differentiate you from the competition?

We’re focused on active wellness, and we know that this may look different for everybody. We celebrate whatever way you choose to move your body, and complement it with wellness essentials that actually make you feel good. Have you ever thought about cleaning your yoga mat? Or, spraying your pillow at night when you’re ready to wind down? These are things we asked ourselves, and our networks, and we came back with creative solutions that people are loving as much as we do.

Where is it made? What materials do you use?

Wellness and self-care are huge right now, but our specific set of products are items that we couldn’t otherwise find. We use premium ingredients, organic whenever possible, and by using natural ingredients these products truly make you feel good. That’s what we think self-care and wellness are all about- feeling good!

Co-founder – Rhaelyn Gillespie

Who is your target audience?

Our target audience is typically anyone on an active wellness journey, that’s finding time to sneak in a workout, and choosing to move their bodies in different ways. We find these products really resonate with women, but my all-time favourite review is from my friend’s boyfriend who now has a Taurah in every single room of his apartment. We are deliberately creating an inclusive environment, where if you want to celebrate moving your body, then we’re here to celebrate you.

Who are some of your fashion influences?

We love so many Canadian brands that celebrate movement, from Lululemon to Peace Collective to Ten Tree. We’re also loving female-founded companies like Outdoor Voices that celebrates “doing things” and Smart Sweets (another amazing Canadian brand) which took the sugar out of candy so we can indulge without feeling any of the guilt.

Where can we purchase your brand?

Right now we sell through our website shoptaurah.com as well as on Amazon.ca and some Canadian retailers with the list growing!


Where can we follow you?

@ShopTaurah on IG, Twitter, Tiktok, Facebook and Pinterest and shoptaurah.com to learn more about us and our collection!

PAY IT FORWARD: What is another Toronto fashion brand or designer that you like?

We have to shout out Azur Fit! They are a Toronto-based elevated activewear brand we love following! Check them out @azurfit.