“A Day in the Life” with Toronto Visual Effects Artist Daniella Pluchino

Our paths first crossed in 2010, within the confines of a small Scarborough theatre, long before our relationship began. Back then, Daniella Pluchino and I were both part of the stage crew—she was building props and painting sets, while I handled lighting. Even in our early teen years, Daniella’s passion for the arts, especially film and television, was unmistakable. Apart from her remarkable ability to excel in virtually anything she tried to do, she exhibited an entrepreneurial edge at such a young age that truly left me enamoured.

Fast forward to 2024—now the proud owner of a creative studio in Leslieville, community and collaboration are at the core of Daniella’s artistic philosophy. The Leslieville studio isn’t just a workplace; it’s a tiny community that she has built. Housing a diverse crew of freelance artists, Daniella shows commitment to fostering growth in the arts industries through collaboration, mentorship and advocacy efforts.

I often watch her explore unconventional mediums in her art. From crafting some of the most horrifying creatures you’ve ever seen on your TV screen with silicone, portraits entirely made out of candy, to designing a magical 30-foot cherry blossom tree for a movie premiere, her work speaks for itself and it seems that there’s never a request too odd to execute. She tirelessly works on her craft and keeps up with ever-evolving technology and fabrication techniques – using them to her advantage in collaboration with otherwise traditional art processes. Witnessing her creative journey and exponential business growth unfold over the last couple of years has been incredibly exciting. I can’t wait to see what strange places her artistic endeavours will take her in the future.

-Written by Ryan Sheppard, Partner

Daniella Pluchino
In the makeup trailer applying prosthetics on talent
Daniella Pluchino
Sometimes you just need a sweet treat…. or 3
Summiting Haleakalā in Hawaii
Daniella and partner, Ryan, working on Coachella 2023
Artistic inspiration can come from anywhere, like an appetizer
12,600 skittles later
Daniella Pluchino
Colourful material deliveries for an installation!
Daniella Pluchino
Work or play- I’m always up for a new adventure!


Which ‘hood are you in?

I’ve always lived in the East End of the city. I was born and raised in Southwest Scarborough, and I now live in Leslieville!

What do you do?

I am a Prosthetics Designer, Creative Director and Business Owner.

My title definitely changes with which hat I’m wearing that day.

I’ve worked in the professional film and television industry for nearly a decade- quite literally living my childhood dream of “making monsters”.

In more recent years, I’ve expanded into Producing and Creative Directing immersive and experiential installations within the PR world. We build all assets in-house, at DPFX Inc., the creative studio I own, located in Leslieville.

What are you currently working on?

I’m currently in the early stages of developing a collection of personal works for a highly anticipated art exhibition later this year.

Where can we find your work?

Film credits can be found on IMDB, and photos of my work are on my Instagram.


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