“A Day in the Life” with director Jeremy LaLonde

Jeremy LaLonde is a good roommate. Sure, he’s also the singular comic voice behind such films as “Sex After Kids” and “How to Plan an Orgy in a Small Town” as well as the just released outrageous comedy “The Go-Getters”. In addition, Jeremy’s been directing TV series such as the critically acclaimed “Baroness Von Sketch Show” among others. But more importantly he doesn’t mind making breakfast for a culinarily challenged roomie or washing some underwear if there’s room in the machine. Yes, he’s also loved by actors and cinematographers for his generous personality and ease on set but also he doesn’t get too mad when the dishes you hand-washed aren’t exactly ‘clean’.

How do I know this you may ask? I’ve had the honour to produce Jeremy’s last three films and the most recent project had us living in Sudbury together in an Airbnb for 8 weeks, and among his many duties he also took it upon himself to make sure I had a home cooked breakfast each morning. Oh the glamour of being a filmmaker! Jeremy’s also won tons of awards, including two CSAs and multiple Canadian Comedy awards, and had his films screened at lots of prestigious festivals such as TIFF and Slamdance but more importantly he doesn’t throw a fit at the end of a long day when you lose the keys to the Airbnb and have to drive back to set to find them only to realize you actually hadn’t lost them after all… Sorry, Jeremy – and thanks for teaching me how to boil water (that sounds like a joke, but it’s not…).

-written by Jordan Walker

Jeremy LaLonde
Jeremy on set for his recently shot film “James Vs His Future Self”
Jeremy LaLonde
Jeremy in the music studio working with frequent collaborators musician Steve Krecklo, producer Jordan Walker, and actor Jonas Chernick
Jeremy LaLonde
The last year and a half Jeremy really started to prioritize his health (so far he’s lost 115 pounds) and so a daily workout is a crucial part of his morning routine.
Jeremy LaLonde
This is The Sidekick, a ridiculously awesome comic book cafe in Jeremy’s neighbourhood. If you request a coffee hangout with Jeremy you’ll probably end up here.
Jeremy LaLonde
For the last few years Jeremy has sponsored and coached his son’s little league team. This year they won the championship!
Jeremy LaLonde
Jeremy and his kids at an apple orchard on the outskirts of Toronto (he has an affection for Honeycrisp)
Jeremy LaLonde
Due to some allergies in his family Jeremy has become quite proficient in gluten-free vegan baking – this is a cake he made recently for his daughter’s birthday.
Jeremy LaLonde
A strong believer in community Jeremy hosts a weekly podcast Black Hole Films where he screens films with other filmmakers and actors in his home screening room.


What ‘hood are you in?

I live not exactly in The Beach, nor Leslieville, nor Little India but in a magic little spot just on the fringe of all of them in the east end of Toronto. I’m fortunate to be in a neighbourhood where my kids can walk to school and we’re surrounded by amazing things like libraries, small-businesses that cover the gauntlet, fantastic coffee shops and eateries – and in the summer we even have a kick-ass farmers market.

What do you do?

I’m a filmmaker. I float between television and feature films. The recent season of Baroness Von Sketch Show was one that I directed about half of the sketches, and I worked up the upcoming CBC series Cavendish. My film The Go-Getters is being released now in a small theatrical release but will be widely available on December 25th throughout North America on the VOD service of your choice!

What are you currently working on? 

Right now I’m finishing up a film that I shot last year – James Vs His Future Self – but also in early prep on another film we hope to shoot in 2019. I’m developing a lot of new material including some projects for television that we hope to get some traction on soon. In addition my hobby and nerdy passion is my podcast Black Hole Films (link below)

Where can we find your work?

You can go to my website – Follow me on twitter  or check out my podcast 



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