Newsletters Allow Publishers to Reach their Audiences Directly

Newsletters and mailing lists allow publications like this one to reach their audiences directly without having to rely on third parties like Google and social media sites. With the constant changes to algorithms and the increases in pay to use services it is becoming more and more difficult for news and lifestyle publications to get to the readers who are interested in their content.

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The first news that will see less readership and ultimately be deemed “less important” will be local arts and culture. These articles historically see less traffic and general interest compared to crime and politics and are therefore seen as less important by those publishers whose goal is to maximize profits through clicks. “If it bleeds, it leads” is a saying for a reason.

We have already seen the results of this over the years in both print and web with the closures, layoffs or removal of print editions of several local publications.

There is an easy way to help support the local publications still covering local businesses, arts, music and culture. You can sign up to their Newsletters and Mailing Lists or in some cases pay a monthly fee to support their organization.

In our case, we cover local arts, food, charities, music, history, comedy and culture. We do not have a monthly fee and all of our content is provided to our readers for free. We do have a weekly newsletter though that we send out to our readers each week with our stories from the previous week. Please consider subscribing to our Newsletter below and help us by reading the content we send out each week.



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