Toronto Guardian Monthly Spotify Playlist – November, 2021

Twice a week we publish our “Five Minutes With” series showcasing two local musicians through our questionnaire and music samples to help familiarize our readers with the incredible local talent we have in this city and beyond.

Toronto Guardian Monthly Spotify Playlist – November, 2021

Each month, we also make a Spotify playlist with songs from the musical acts featured the previous month to share our featured artists beyond the single post on each.

These playlists feature one song from each of the musicians we featured the previous month in a Spotify playlist that is then shared with our readers via this website. If you can follow these artists and share their music, I am sure they would appreciate it.

For our seventh edition, we have 8 songs to share from the month of November, 2021.



November 2021 Musicians Featured

Loren Aronov – (Read Article)

Kalan – (Read Article)

Ace Autumn – (Read Article)

Shad – (Read Article)

shn shn – (Read Article)

Mandolynne – (Read Article)

Yan Simon – (Read Article)

Ptarmigan – (Read Article)

Andrea Ramolo – (Read Article)




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