Oakville’s First-Ever Soufflé Cheesecakery Is Making Sweet Dreams “Crumb True”

Let’s talk about fluffy yet savoury cheesecakes. Oakville has got you covered with a dynamic meld of flavours and alternatives. Flüf soufflé cheesecakes, Oakville’s newest connoisseur bake shop, is serving up something luscious and classic in style. Noted as Oakville’s first cheesecakery, Flüf offers light-as-a-cloud Japanese-inspired soufflé cheesecakes that will make any cheesecake lover’s dreams come true. Not only assured to satisfy all your sweet tooth cravings, but the bakery also provides a tasty selection of sparkling lemonades and teas with saporous flavours like guava and passionfruit.

Flüf soufflé

Located at 131 Lakeshore Road East, Oakville, Flüf was created by long-time friends and hospitality entrepreneurs, Harry Chau and Hartej Tapia. Both business owners spent endless hours perfecting the handcrafted soufflé cheesecakes with a twist– by including classic, chocolate, and rotating seasonal flavours like mango and caramel toffee for the ideal bite all year round. As chef extraordinaires, their leading focus is to indulge in scratch baking everything from the utmost Cheesecake complemented with excessive rich texture.

Flüf is one snug space where you can find an array of enticing desserts. Think again! Creamy, delicate, and a masterful preparation. This is what Flüf is all about.  From pairing high-quality ingredients and unique baking products to creating lasting cheesecakes, the bakery brings its A game when delivering signature goods. The well-established bake shop features heavenly selections that include, original soufflé cheesecakes merged with natural fixings. If you want delicacies that will melt smoothly in your mouth, these sweetmeats might just be binge-worthy for you.

Recently celebrating their grand opening on November 19, the bakery supplies a distinctive confection like, Cloud Original Tiramisu and Cloud Matcha Tiramisu combined with layers of tiramisu, including a special housemade sauce. One you don’t want to miss! Flüf has also partnered with Balzac’s Coffee Roasters to bring North America’s finest selection of small batch, whole bean Arabica coffee to pair with its artisanal cheesecakes.

Already gaining impressive reviews, the bakery has made impactful efforts so far. At the grand opening celebration, Flüf offered the first 100 customers free cheesecake and 50% off select items the rest of the day; gave exclusive prizes, discounts, and more; received 50% of every purchase of new specialty products, Cloud Tiramisu and Cloud Matcha Tiramisu which will be donated to Oakville & Milton Humane Society (OMHS).

Flüf soufflé

According to Uber Eats, the altruistic and confectionery spot serves a variety of comestible flavours that come in chocolate (formed from real chocolate syrup and cacao powder) and mango (flavoured cheesecakes made from real mango purée). Additionally, sparkling lemonades are not left out in the catering. When you stop by the cute-as-a-button scenery, you will get to grab the Yuzu Sparkling Lemonade, Passion Fruit Sparkling Lemonade, Guava Sparkling Lemonade, Strawberry Sparkling Lemonade. Among this delectable list includes Sparkling Teas like Raspberry Sparkling Tea, Peach Sparkling Tea and Coffee items such as Matcha Latte (Processed from Matcha imported from Japan and sold regionally), Caramel Latte, Americano, and Cappuccino.

Flüf soufflé

Looking out for customary gifts or hoping to present custom-made and dainty cheesecakes to loved ones? Flüf soufflé cheesecake will make your sweet dreams crumb accurate. When special celebrations arise or you’re planning a birthday party, likewise, celebrating a milestone or anniversary, Flüf is all in support of your desires.



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