Toronto Guardian Monthly Spotify Playlist – May, 2021

One of the best parts about covering arts and culture in Toronto is the amazing exposure I get to awesome music of all genres from across the city. I love all genres of music and am constantly impressed by the quantity and quality of music put out by talented Torontonians.

I am always looking for new ways to promote local talent and the local features we publish. This is why I decided to start making monthly Spotify playlists with songs from the bands featured the month prior.

Each month I will select one song from each musician we featured and make a playlist on Spotify to share on our website with our readers. If you can follow these artists and share their music, I am sure they would all be very happy about it.

For our second edition, we share 9 songs from the month of May, 2021.

Musicians Featured

Melanie Durrant – (Read Article)

Website | Instagram | Facebook


Leanna Oki – (Read Article)

Website | Instagram | Youtube | Facebook | Twitter | Spotify


Melotika – (Read Article)

Instagram | Twitter | TikTok


AJA – (Read Article)



Reid Zoé – (Read Article)

Instagram | Website | Spotify | Apple Music | Bandcamp


Barry Szeto – (Read Article)

Instagram | YouTube | TikTok


Zenesoul – (Read Article)

SpotifyApple Music | Amazon | WebsiteTwitterFacebookInstagramTikTok


Vicki Lovelee – (Read Article)

Website | TikTok | Instagram | Facebook


Jordan Hart – (Read Article)

YouTube | Instagram | TikTok




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