Self-Care gifts to help us move positively into 2021

It’s been the longest year ever and we’re ready to kick it to the curb but a few friends are reminding us that this is an adjustment and a time to recharge. The universe is telling us check ourselves.  Weather out the storm and do it with gratitude. Okay, we’re trying! Although it’s been challenging to get out and do the many things we love, there are other ways to give ourselves a little self-care.  In case you need some help here are some gift ideas for you…and for those you love.

Stay cozy! We’ve swapped out our shapewear (thank goodness) for something softer and warmer. Canadian brand Knix has recently launched the Knix Cozzzy Collection, a line of loungewear that includes essential pieces – cardigan, crew top, track pants, scarf, blanket and beanie. Think of the collection as one big hug.

Take up a new hobby! Many of us have discovered the bread baker in us particularly in the first few months of staying home. Take it to the next level and maybe try something new? Anything that will give you a break from your zoom calls. Knitting has returned and we’ve discovered kits for all levels from We Are Knitters. But we’re also eyeing their new Weaving Kits to bring some soothing colours and textures to our space. Each kit comes with everything you need for your DIY project. Kits and projects on their site aren’t just for beginners, there are more advanced patterns on the site as well. Need help? They also have online tutorials.

Affirmations. We could all use them to help remind us that we are worthy. offers beautiful box sets of reminder cards and prints for all ages. Toronto-based Anna Lozano and Lindy Sood are friends and mompreneurs on a mission to spread love and teach mindfulness. They practice positive I AM affirmations daily and have a steady following of over 54K on Instagram. Based in Ontario.

Scents can change the mood in any room and candles are subtle deliverers of lasting memories. We adore KANDL Artistique, an internationally respected company that’s based here in Ontario, as they’ve created some of the world’s most gorgeous scents. During the holidays, the company releases a stunning rich blue glass vessel (custom made and only available during the season) with fan favourite signature scent. Suided Oud is best described as an alluring suede that intertwines with exotic patchouli and opulent oud. This rich smokey fragrance is full of mystery and available for the holiday season. They also have guided create your own candle scent lab workshops at their Yorkville location. You can read more about the experience here.

Self-care isn’t just about crystals and bubbles. We have to take care of the necessities as well. Since who knows when we can return to routine check-ups without hesitation, we have adjusted even our everyday needs. Oral B iO Power Toothbrush offers an impressive professional clean feel that even your dental hygenist will be impressed with. It’s also smart. With AI technology built right in you’ll have guidance for better oral care everytime you brush.

Stress levels have had us running for the hills this entire year and if you’re interested in not only dealing with stress but also learning and managing then take a look at the new Fitbit SENSE. This latest entry to the Fitbit line up is the most advanced to date. Some remarkable features including the on-wrist Electrodermal Activity (EDA) scan that can help you better understand how your body reacts to stress. Working through various programs within the accompanying app can help reduce your body’s reactivity. It’s pretty fascinating. And yes, you can still take up the weekly hustle challenges with your friends.

Has anyone else adjusted their sleep habits over the past year? Aside from getting in more hours (hey, we’ve got nowhere to go anyway) we taking care of ourselves in more ways than we realize. Cilque is a line made of mulberry silk charmeuse that’s amazing for your skin and hair. Pillow cases and other products are hypoallergenic, non-toxic and won’t cause morning bed-head. The fabric also naturally adjusts itself to the seasons — cool in the summer and warm in the winter. But seriously, they feel great on your skin.

Comfort foods are serious cravings these days and we’re exploring more recipes and more kitchen gadgets. But we may not necessarily have the space for so many cool cooking vessels. Over the past few months I’ve swapped out a few small appliances for one Ninja Kitchen Foodi – we are still in shock over how one machine can take the place of my slow cooker, pressure cooker, air crisper, dehydrator. While you’re exploring the goodness of foods you may want to add a new cookbook. The Primal Gourmet by Ontario based food writer Ronny Joseph Lvovski takes a delicious and friendly approach to Whole30, Paleo, Keto better for you recipes.





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