Create your own signature scent at the KANDL Lab experience

There are some great creative spaces in Toronto that offer us unique experiences. We’re always looking for ways to spend time with those we love doing things that are fun and memorable. KANDL Lab, located on Avenue Road just north of Bloor on the fringe of Yorkville, hosts beautiful sensorial experiences by means of creating your very own custom blend luxury candle.

The experience is designed to take you on a journey. It’s all about exploring and awakening your senses with what you smell, taste, feel and what you see.


When you walk into Kandl you’re instantly captivated with the airiness of the space and then quickly, yet subtly, a soothing scent invites you to step in and stay awhile. Candles line the walls in stunning glassware that are custom-designed for the brand. It’s part retail space which is frequented by those already familiar with the world-renowned candle company but it also draws in the curious. Midpoint you’ll find a Parisian-styled cafe space where you can warm up with a hot drink or cocktail – all inspired by ingredients like brown sugar and rose petals that complement the candle notes within the shop.

Kandl is a Canadian-based and family-owned business that has been making candles for other brands for over 40 years. They include Jonathan Adler, Tom Ford, Estee Lauder. In fact, they tell us that 80% of the candles you would go out and buy in the retail space is most likely from their company.  With their expertise, Kandl wanted to expand and offer something special under their own brand. This is why this hands-on consumer experience was created and the first luxury experience of it’s kind in North America.


The back part of Kandl is where all the magic happens. What looks like an elegant science lab filled with test tubes of individual ingredient notes, mixing vessels and metal stir sticks, Kandl has everything ready to create your own luxe candle scent blending session. There are at least 125 different combinations to create your very own scent here at the lab. Don’t know where to start? At first, the pressure of creating a scent can be overwhelming but the process of following your nose will not disappoint. Like something citrusy, floral, spicy, earthy, and musky? There are enough choices to find something that resonates with you for the season. You’ll be guided through the session step-by-step to create your signature scent. Once you’re satisfied, the process of curing the candle moves quickly. A selection of beautiful glass vessels are ready for pouring but you’ll learn about the position of the wick and what is the best way to care for them. The in-house setting time offers up just enough time to sit back and relax with a cocktail or coffee and dessert!


Don’t be surprised if you fall head over heels with your creation. No need to worry if you will be able to duplicate the scent again either. Kandl will keep a note of what ingredients you’ve selected for future reference as well and if you prefer, they will make your future candle orders ahead of time for you. Labels are created while you wait as well.

Different coloured glassware is available – but the rich deep-sea blue vessels hold the company’s signature scents that are available for purchase. There are five in the line that were created by Kandl’s CEO. They went to Paris and met with a perfumier to create the specialty scents that would then be made in Canada. The 88 is a very unique scent that includes Meyer Lemon, Bergamot, and Nutmeg. It’s become one of their best sellers. The holiday season has a few limited edition scents including Snow & Cedar, Hearth Side Manor, and a Citrus Cedarwood that are heartwarming for the season.

Once the in-lab curing system is complete you’ll be able to leave with your finished Kandl.


The KANDL Lab Experience at 88 Avenue Road, must be booked in advance to ensure space. However, the shop and cafe are open to the public to enjoy anytime during regular business hours.


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