Toronto’s Acclaimed Exotic Snack Shop Offers The Largest Selection of Customized Snacks

Snacking is serious biz. With the budding culinary scene and snack enterprise in Toronto, there are piquant delicacies that can’t be untended. Snacks are commonly portable, refreshing, and easy to bundle when traveling, whether on a road trip with loved ones or just on the go. The burgeoning love for snacks is unflagging, considering the number of devotees who eat, sleep, and breathe ready-to-eat foods. Besides being a widely accepted food option, snacks are conveniently accessible, and it gets so much better with more on the table. When you throw exotic snacks into the mix, it becomes more toothsome. Let’s take a closer look at one big-league exotic snack shop and uncover the trendsetting munchies the shop offers at the vanguard of the food market.

Trap Mart, a one-of-a-kind snack & exotic soda specialty store, brings its blend of exclusive tasteful brand to the 6ix. The brainchild of owners and siblings, Darcy Giles and Dana Rae, the unique snack store pays homage to the city’s music culture, entertainment, fashion, and lifestyle while creating an immersive consumer experience. Branded as a boutique convenience, Trap Mart is quickly gaining notoriety for its range of exquisite list of products, including cakes, candy, cereals, merch, drinks, noodles, and soups. Inspired by their collective cannabis industry experience and as snack enthusiasts themselves, the brother and sister duo decided to create an ultra cool business that offers highly favoured items.


Located at 702 Queen Street West, the siblings embarked on fashioning carefully curated products and showcasing rare goodies that protend in the global market. According to Dana Rae, “Each and every snack that becomes available is certified, tried, and tested before being brought to the shelves of this world’s first Trap Mart. Recently having launched an e-commerce website, Trap Mart has begun shipping globally. This is a precursor to the planned addition of more retail locations to the brand’s portfolio. As the brand continues to thrive, we are excited to take this uniquely Toronto brand and experience to the rest of the world, and look forward to future expansions worldwide.”

Boasting celebrity clientele and links to some of Toronto’s most popular entertainment venues, Trap Mart has taken experiential retail to the next level by setting up ‘The Trap Yard’ retail installation at this year’s Rolling Loud. The store continuously serves peculiar snacks and beverages, and with no plans on slowing down any time soon, Trap Mart stocks delightful eatables. “We love snacking and as people who have traveled all over the globe with a deep understanding of product quality and cannabis branding, we wanted to establish a cozy space to display custom-made snacks, and in doing so build a lifestyle brand that speaks to the community,” says Darcy Giles.


If you want to explore a variety of savoury snacks or enjoy an outstanding dining experience, you can shop in-store at the distinguished location or online. Chocolate options like Kit Kat – Banana Caramel – Japan ($9.99), M&M’s Fudge Brownie – 40 Grams ($2.50) are supplied at the store. Including Pokemon Red Noodles – Soy Sauce Flavour – Japan which constitutes instant cup noodles with soy sauce seasoning ($4.99) is served at the location. Other food categories include Cheetos – Japanese Steak Flavour – China ($3.99), Cheetos – American Turkey Flavour – China ($3.99), Fanta Madness – Bulgaria 500ml ($4.99), Chupa Chup – Sparkling Grape Soda ($3.99), plus other tidbits.


Lining up fabulous recipes and a welcoming atmosphere, Trap Mark is here to stay. Now, what are you waiting for? This is one destination worth stopping over.



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