Prawn Cocktail: Junnosuke Fujikawa – Head Sushi Chef at Miku

“The Prawn Cocktail is simple, refreshing and has all the essences of summer in each bite. There’s brightness from the yuzu and lemon, heat from the Tabasco and wasabi, earthiness from the summer herbs and all perfectly balanced by icy cold, plump prawns.”

–Chef Junnosuke Fujikawa, Head Sushi Chef at Miku.

Prawn Cocktail
Moineau Shin Binon, Courtesy of Flash in the Pandemic Cookbook

Prawn Cocktail

Yuzu Cocktail Sauce


-300 g ketchup
-30 g tonkatsu Sauce
-20 g horseradish
-4 g Tabasco
-50 ml yuzu juice


1. Combine all ingredients in a bowl mix thoroughly.


Wasabi Chimichurri


-1 bunch mint leaves minced
-1 bunch cilantro leaves minced
-10 g capers chopped
-5 g garlic chopped
-10 g anchovy paste
-200 ml olive oil
-10 ml lemon juice
-20 ml honey
-50 g wasabi paste
-6 g salt
-6 g black pepper


1. Combine all ingredients in a bowl for a course mixture.




-2 lbs prawn size 16/20
-1 onion head large dice
-½ fennel head
-5 sprigs thyme leaves
-2 bay leaves
-10 g salt
-5 L water
-500 ml white wine


1. Combine all ingredients in a large pot. Bring to boiling point and with a thermometer monitor the temperature until it reaches 90C.

2. Remove the prawn place in a container and strain some of the cooking liquid. Place in an ice bath and let it cool down completely.

3. Remove prawns once completely cooled and enjoy with the accompanying sauces.


Get creative! Think outside the martini glass and opt for an interesting bowl or vessel filled with ice, then layer with the prawns, fresh herbs or even sea laver and dot with edible summer blooms.


You can taste this delight at Miku



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