“A Day in the Life” with Toronto-based Illustrator Nancy Zhang

Nancy Zhang or Arrivedlate is an illustrator based in Toronto, Canada. Arrivedlate’s work consists of aesthetic visuals with vibrant colours and focuses on themes of nostalgia, fantasy, and emotional empowerment – encouraging messages we all need at various points in our lives.

Resembling a movie still, Arrivedlate’s work borders between dream and reality, capturing a moment in time, immersing viewers to imagine themselves as part of the fantasy. Utilizing bold graphic linework, Arrivedlate draws inspiration from niche music genres such as Vaporwave and its contrasting imagery to City-pop’s romanticism. Through her visual journey, Arrivedlate seeks to explore various topics in a retro perspective lens within the modern context.

Nancy Zhang
I’m working on a new promo/postcard design. All of my works are done digitally and I do everything through my iPad. In the past, I used to work with traditional tools and outlets, but working digitally has helped me to be a lot more efficient with my output. Photo by: Dawn Kim Photography
Nancy Zhang
The new pomo/postcard after it is printed and cut. I try to do everything myself as much as I can in-house, from printing to hand-cutting as well! I take pride in owning my production process, and I will eventually find ways where I can automate some things to best utilize my time. Photo by: Dawn Kim Photography
Part of my day-to-day includes packing online orders. I’m so thankful for the people around the world who take the time to support what I do. Photo by: Dawn Kim Photography
My shop includes my original prints, stickers, stationeries, and all sorts of fun accessories. It’s always fun to see a product come to life! Photo by: Dawn Kim Photography
Here I am organizing my washi tapes. I love stationeries and just anything that’s functional. Photo by: Dawn Kim Photography
Restocking my stickers for upcoming events and markets. I try to get myself out there in person and it’s a great way to connect with people. So far I’ve met so many amazing artists around the city and people who have been supporting me from previous events. I always treasure those interactions to fuel me for future projects! Photo by: Dawn Kim Photography
Nancy Zhang
My framed artworks. Left: ‘Waiting for your call’, Right: ‘Future Poolside’. Photo by: Dawn Kim Photography
Nancy Zhang
Arrivedlate – Night Rider


What do you do?

I go by Arrivedlate and I’m a Toronto-based illustrator. I’ve worked with a couple of clients in the music space and have commissioned some work for local events within the artist community – ensuring that I’m still somewhat involved within the local space.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on a new series which is an expansion of my ‘Night Rider’ piece. That one in particular resonates with many people and I want to further explore more characters with a similar tone and vibe. That aside, I’m keeping busy learning 3D rendering through some online classes and resources – which is an area I was always previously interested in! I want to be able to incorporate it into my body of work.

Where can we find your artwork?

Website | Instagram


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