“A Day in the Life” with actor Minh Ly

Minh Ly’s work as an artist reflects his experiences both personal and professional, from being a young man in pursuit of his dream of being an actor, leaving his family in Toronto to study in Vancouver’s renowned Studio 58 conservatory, to his post-graduate commitment to producing relevant, inclusive, revealing theatrical experiences.

Ly continued training and honing his perspective, working in touring shows across Canada and in small towns, as well as in main stage musical and dramatic stage productions, and earning credits in the world of television and film. Through his work, Ly was always eager to find the human core of every piece.

Eventually, Ly would co-produce a production of Proof by David Auburn, and brought together a group of artists to continue exploring beyond the boundaries of race and the written word. His quest to explore through characters, situations, and stories brought about the birth of Ga Ting.

Strongly presented in Minh Ly’s debut full-length play are the themes of how language and time can bring us together or keep us apart, but it is always his vital spirit of connection that brings audiences and artists together alike. While he writes with the ideas of, yet defies such labels as: Asian, gay, old, young, Chinese, Canadian, his ultimate goal is to authentically portray the diverse landscape of being human.

Bio by my friend, fellow actor, Nelson Wong.


Minh Ly
Just finished a 7 hour new play in the westend UK
Minh Ly
I love seafood
Minh Ly
I love food!
Minh Ly
I love eating…in Mexico…with a buddy…and seafood.
Minh Ly
I needed a pic without food…somewhere near Gatwick, UK
Minh Ly
Some more eating with another buddy
Minh Ly
Running a production meeting…I do work sometimes and not eat. However, we must eat in order to work:)


What ‘hood are you in?

City Place

What do you do?


What are you currently working on?

Co-producing my play ‘Ga Ting’

Where can we find your work?

At the Next Stage Theatre Festival in Toronto, January 9 – 20, 2019, and sometimes on TV:)



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