“A Day in The Life” with Keosha Love

In one of Keosha’s poems, she describes herself as a power source. I remember nodding the first time I heard that. Keosha Love moves through her life with a consistent radiance – it is impossible to miss in a room. That radiance is ever-present in her work & outputs.

You can see her impact in the messages she gets from mentees, workshop participants, colleagues & brand partners. People leave the spaces & conversations she shares with them feeling inspired & lighter, myself (so very fortunately & regularly) included.

Keosha Love is a digital-facing multi-hyphenate – at once a writer, educator, performer, wellness practitioner and activist; plus the builder of three distinct platforms online. She is the founder of Our Women’s Voices, a Toronto-based not-for-profit that amplifies the stories of women from marginalized communities and regularly hosts events to gather community and provide resources. Her digital journal project Black & Vulnerable was turned into a two-episode CBC interview series, which she hosted and wrote in 2021.

Keosha’s personal website and accounts exist as a third platform that displays some of Keosha’s many talents & outputs. On any given day she can be seen performing her poetry; writing commissioned works; hosting community events both independently and with her not-for-profit; running corporate equity workshops & anti-violence workshops alike; offering mental health & wellness programs; partnering with notable brands on digital creator work & consulting on their strategy, and attending spaces to advocate for systemic shifts & resource reallocations.

She is a psychology graduate and has won multiple awards in her various outputs. Everywhere she goes she brings more than a little of that power source along with her.

Written by Stefan Naylor – Keosha’s Partner

Keosha Love
Doing yoga at home is my happy place. One of my good friends Ama teaches yoga and this is me joining one of her classes virtually.
Keosha Love
Weekends away from the city. This is me just an hour away from Toronto taking some time off at the family cottage. I can always find rest and peace here.

One of the most beautiful places I ever travelled was Turks and Caicos. I went in December 2021 and it was unforgettable. I belong on the beach!

I am constantly on camera now that everything is virtual. This is me post zoom meeting, I think I’ll be in zoom meetings for the rest of my foreseeable future lol.
Me writing (for the camera haha) in my very first apartment. I did a campaign with Nike in 2021 and they shot it in my home. It was an amazing experience.
This is me teaching a mental wellness workshop pre-pandemic. I love teaching and miss doing irl.
Keosha Love
Me hosting a poetry event at Soho House Toronto. I love curating events and bringing artists together. It was a magical night!
Keosha Love
This is me being a plant mom. I’m huge plant lover, and this is only a quarter of my house plants. Plants give me so much joy.


Which ’hood are you in?

I lived in Little Jamaica and just recently moved to Regent Park

What do you do?

I’m a writer, wellness educator and digital creator

What are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on a project for Women’s History Month with my organization Our Women’s Voices 🙂

Where can we find your work?

You can find me at @keoshaloveee on all platforms and view my work on my website. My two initiatives are @ourwomensvoices and @blackandvulnerable on Instagram!