The Bob Marley One Love Experience is Enchanting and Captivating

Lighthouse Immersive hits us with another gem! Torontonians and tourists alike are offered the opportunity to enter the world of art through a never-before-seen lens. Bob Marley has become a global brand since his untimely death; though considered revolutionary during his life, the impact of his posthumous legacy far exceeds his initial reach. Marley’s legacy includes the success of several of his children and grandchildren – son, Damian Marley; daughter, Cedella Marley; and grandson, Skip Marley (who is also the son of Cedella) – as influencers in current mainstream music. This immersive explores how all these facets shaped Marley’s music and passion projects.

Bob Marley One Love Experience
Music Room Installation

Walking into The Bob Marley One Love Experience guests are greeted by an array of graffiti installations in the likeness of Marley, mounted records and various artifacts straight out of Mr. Robert Nesta Marley’s personal stash. Classic albums like Burnin’ by the Wailers, Exodus and Rastaman Vibrations line the walls. For any fan of the reggae legend or music lover, this immersive experience will offer more insight into the personal life, passions and influences of Marley. Cedella was onsite for the opening day event at Lighthouse Immersive Toronto, as this was a collaboration between the Marley family and the Lighthouse Immersive team. They have created a harmonious, nostalgic ambience to imbue audiences with this unique multi-sensory immersive experience.

Bob Marley One Love Experience
Burnin’ Record – The Wailers

There are six rooms tailored to immerse audiences in the world of Marley. The first room is the Music Room, which offers insight into Marley’s discography and personal life. The One Love Forest is the second room in this experience. This room transports you to Jamaica. With floor-to-ceiling leaves and photographs of Marley, the audience will enjoy the temporary tranquility provided by the atmosphere. As you flow through each installation there are plenty of picture perfect areas to take a photo or to relish in the dynamic layout of these immersive spaces. The One Love Forest features a photo friendly spot with a rope swing and waterfall backdrop. With every turn, there is something more to discover.

Bob Marley One Love Experience
One Love Forest Installation

Next, flow through the Silent Disco and Beautiful Life Zone while listening to Marley’s catalogue. Enjoy photos and projections of Marley and his life influences including Haile Selassie I, Former Emperor of Ethiopia. Images of Selassie I are attributed to Marley’s Rastafarian faith. The Street Art and Next Gen Zones showcase a multitude of graffiti art of Marley’s likeness, as well as interactive elements for audience to enjoy.

Bob Marley One Love Experience
Silent Disco

The details present in the One Love Experience are well executed; with tons of never-before-seen memorabilia, there is something for everyone to appreciate. The atmosphere is tranquil and melodic, two words synonymous with Marley. Lighthouse Immersive Toronto captures and illustrates a beautiful ode to the memory of Bob Marley. This is the perfect end of summer experience for those looking for fun in the city. The show has just been extended until the end of September, so get outside and enjoy Toronto’s waterfront and check out the show at One Yonge St. before it’s too late. With six showrooms to explore, remember to wear comfortable shoes.

Bob Marley One Love Experience
Marley Graffiti Art


Bob Marley One Love Experience
Interactive Art Installation



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