Brunch with an Italian twist at Motorino Citta in downtown Toronto

For those looking for a new weekend brunch spot, Motorino Citta has opened in the downtown eastside with an Italian inspired twist to you favourite menu items.

We recently got to visit the 4th Motorino establishment, the others being two restaurants and their catering business, to see what was on the menu and get to know this new spot in our neighbourhood.


Bottomless Mimosas! What a way to start the meal. Whether getting over the night before or looking for something crisp to accompany your meal, the bottomless mimosas are a welcomed choice.

We also had the choice of still or carbonated water from their own Premium Oxygen Water that comes in 1 litre bottles with the companies signature scooter logo.

The brunch menu was next, we opted for a few items that were great for sharing, so we could maximize our taste test. The server started us off with a couple of freshly baked croissants and jam served in tiny glass jars. Very cute!

Brunch with an Italian twist at Motorino Citta in downtown Toronto

We ordered dessert first, because we couldn’t get past the Whipped Mascarpone Pancakes ($16) at the top of the menu. The fluffy, sweet pancakes are garnished with chia seed, pistachio , berry compote and of course, whipped cream. The servings of all of their dishes are quite large so sharing, even these delicious pancakes, was easy to do.

Our next choice was the Italian Benedict ($16). We wanted to see how they added the Italian twist to a typical brunch menu and for this one, the dish contained a poached egg, pancetta, basil zabaglione rosemary potatoes or a green salad. The potatoes were the way to go with this one with their delicious spices and delicate texture.


Although we wanted to try everything our first day at Motorino Citta, we called it quits after the Open Face Gravlox Toast with Green Apple Salad ($18). This omelette with mushrooms served over toast and topped with smoked salmon was served alongside a salad with a vinaigrette dressing and sliced apples. I love smoked salmon so this dish was devoured. It is a very large portion of food so you may want to share this one.


Other items on the menu include; an Avocado Toast with toasted brioche, heirloom tomatoes, a balsamic reduction and bocconcino pearls ($16); a breakfast pizza prepared in their pizza oven ($16); their dandelion omelette with dandelion green, caramelised leek and shallot, asiago cheese, rosemary potatoes or a green salad ($17); and several other dishes that include a traditional breakfast($16) and french toast ($16).

In the summertime, Motorino Citta will have a big patio out front with lots of sun. In the winter, their spacious inside area is well ventilated and has enough room to keep everyone safely distanced.

So, if you are looking for a new brunch spot in the area, be sure to stop by and check them out.


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