Holiday Guide 2021: Clearly Gamer’s Geeky Glasses

Did you know that “Blue Light” glasses are actually tinted yellow?

That’s something we learned when trying out Clearly’s new “Geeky Gamer” line of geeky glasses. Designed for late nights on the widescreen (also long days at work, for that matter), they’re meant to relieve eye strain while looking not half-bad in the process.

clearly gamer

Like seemingly everyone else these days, Clearly Canada is trying to get in on the gamer game. For an eyewear company, that means a brand-new Clearly Gamer brand, catering to gamer needs and, in theory, the gamer aesthetic. One thing we particularly like is that, unlike, say, Google Glass, these things aren’t shamefully nerdy. Browsing the various models, you can clearly tell that thought has gone into making glasses that are functional yet stylish. Some border on hipster, others are practically conservative, but none scream “gamer” in the way that a bright pink Mountain Dew Code Red bottle does.

In terms of utility, what makes these things “gamer-friendly” is all the tech. The frames are ergonomically designed, lightweight, and maybe most importantly, compatible with gaming headsets. Eye strain is a real thing, but so too is that crushing sensation on your skull after too many hours trying to capture the perfect “Let’s Play” video. Clearly’s “BlueReflect Plus” lenses are also designed to block out harmful UV and blue light from screens and the sun, hence the yellow tint. It does take some getting used to – under artificial lighting, it’s less noticeable, but outside on a bright day, the world takes on a striking golden hue.

Vancouver-based Clearly has long been a major Canadian success story, starting out as an online contact lens company, before branching out into eyewear and absolutely dominating sales. (It’s one of the world’s biggest eyewear companies, in fact.) Speaking as geeky Canadians over here at the Toronto Guardian, we’re big fans.

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