After the First Major Event in This Season’s Call of Duty League, Where do Toronto Ultra Stand?

Call of Duty’s Stage One Major has kicked off with a bracket of play. Two of the league’s teams have been eliminated already. The Toronto Ultra team and the Florida Mutineers are now moving on, but it looks like the Seattle Surge and the London Royal Ravens have been kicked out. The second stage is kicking off very shortly. The Stage One group play involved the London Royal Ravens who are winless as of yet. The bottom four teams faced off against one another and they replaced a starter on the roster just a couple of hours before the match kicked off. In the first day’s match- it would seem that the Toronto Ultra actually survived when they played against the Royal Ravens and that they had a 3-2 victory. Toronto managed to make very quick work against London and they experienced a 250 point win, versus the other team’s 142 points. They won the Garrison Hardpoint, right before the Ravens managed to bounce back with a 6-3 triumph and they did this on the Garrison Search and Destroy. The Ultra’s Methodz and Bance all managed to show off some very impressive shots. They were able to keep the other teams at bay and it looked like they managed well throughout the Control on Raid. London showed that they refused to quit though by putting out a 250-202 victory on the Moscow Hardpoint.

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The Rise of eSports

At the end of the day, it would seem that the world of eSports has grown considerably since games like Call of Duty came out. People now play these games competitively and it seems that there are certainly a lot more good things to come from the industry. Interestingly enough, it was casino games, such as GGPoker Flip & Go that started off the online gaming industry. This led to the rise of online poker where people could play with one another online, which of course, translated to PC gaming and multiplayer events. Call of Duty remains to be the most popular game for eSports in the FPS category as well. The next one would be Fortnite, which has achieved a very high level of success.

Toronto are Moving Ahead

Toronto really have managed to outlast the onslaught that was started by the Royal Ravens squad and they held out for a win which was around 6-4. London may well have been able to overcome another wave of a roster turnover and this was against the Toronto squad. Just one night of practice and 15 minutes on Search and Destroy really helped them to show the incredible resolve that they have. The Ravens won their very first Search and Destroy map of the entire season and this put them at a record of 1-8. The second match of the day involved the Florida Mutineers and they were an early pick in the season. That being said, they have proved to be disappointing as they have a 1-4 record which is not good to say the least. They showed that they are not quite out of the game yet though as they kicked off their match against the Seattle Surge. It was at this moment when they managed to win at Crossroads with a close victory. All in all, so far it would seem that there are multiple highlight reel plays and that some teams have a 20-7 ratio for kills and deaths. The series shifted to Hardpoint not long after the Search and Destroy map and this involved even more plays that will surely go down in history.




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