Could the Bills become Canada’s team?

The Buffalo Bills have enjoyed their deepest surge into the NFL post-season for the last 25 years. The Bills have been forced to watch the New England Patriots dominate the AFC East and the conference itself for two decades. However, the arrival of Sean McDermott as head coach in tandem with Brandon Beane has reversed the fortunes of the franchise.

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The Bills made the wise decision to draft Josh Allen with the seventh-overall pick in the 2018 Draft. And the reward has been sweet for Buffalo as the 24-year-old has blossomed into one of the best quarterbacks in the league, producing an outstanding 2020 campaign. McDermott and his team are now competing for a spot in the Super Bowl. Not only in 2020, either: they now have the foundations in place to become a perennial threat in the AFC for the crown. Anyone who agrees with that could look for value in a bet on the team. By looking at the SuperBowl 2021 betting guide you will find out all the information you need to know about betting on the event this year and beyond.

If the Bills hold their form there will certainly be plenty of opportunities for them to appear in the showcase event – perhaps even matching their run of the 1990s when they earned four-straight berths, although the title eluded them. Whatever the outcome now and in the future, Buffalo are at the least a relevant franchise in the NFL once again. Two decades in the doldrums of the league is not a place where a franchise of their ilk deserves to be.

Buffalo have one of the most passionate fanbases in the NFL. Bills Mafia are known for pre and post-game antics on and off the field. Occasionally they have pushed the boundaries, but the majority of their fans are well-natured in their enjoyment of their games and festivities around them. The success off the franchise could provide a massive boost for the league in terms of spreading the game north of the border.

The NFL have made serious efforts to increase the viewership of the game with their International Series in the United Kingdom, Mexico and of course Canada. The Bills have played several regular-season games in Toronto, the last of which came in 2013 against the Atlanta Falcons. In the 2008 season, the Bills were watched by 52,000 spectators at Rogers Center in their defeat to the Miami Dolphins. The attendance was 20,000 less than the franchise attracts to their usual home games, but the NFL were keen to persist with the idea.

However, in their final game at Rogers Center in 2013, only 38,000 fans were present. The fortunes of the team were perhaps the reason holding back the initiative. The quarterback at the time E.J Manuel was a first-round pick but possessed nowhere near the quality of Allen. With Allen in place along with Stefon Diggs, John Brown, Dawson Knox and Devin Singletary – the Bills have exciting players on the field that are bringing success to the franchise.

Canada have not adopted an NFL team, but if the Bills are on the upward trend and maintain their form, Buffalo could be entrenched north of the border for a long time to come. It will only benefit the league and the franchise both in regard to their reputations and financially.



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