O’Malley the cat is looking for a new place to live in the Toronto area

He’s Abraham De Lacy, Guiseppe Casey, Thomas O’Malley —

He’s O’Malley the Alley Cat.

Our O’Malley cat is pretty much the same smooth-talking, streetwise character from The Aristocats. Like his cartoon counterpart, this guy’s charming, affectionate, and loves serenading his audience with meows. Only difference between the two is you can bring this guy home and make him a part of your family.

O’Malley believes in living life to the fullest and furriest. He doesn’t like taking things too seriously. Except for his naps. THOSE he takes seriously. Other than that, he’s just your average guy looking for a great place to score a snack and sing a tune. He likes pets, playtime, and cuddling the night away. Like other cats, he can become overstimulated with too much touching. His humans will need to read his body language to know when he’s had enough.

Does O’Malley have this off days? Of course. He’s 8 years old for cryin’ out loud! Sometimes, when he’s curled up in nap mode, the last thing he wants is for someone to come poking around with a wand toy. Yes he loves his wand toy. Yes he was playing with you yesterday. But today? Not happening! When he’s ready, he’ll hop back onto the couch and join you for the next episode of Dracula.

Unfortunately, O’Malley has been diagnosed with FLUTD, which stands for feline lower urinary tract disease. Sounds scary right? Like the end of the world or something. It isn’t. Not even close. Caring for a FLUTD cat is easy. All O’Malley needs is a special diet and lots of water! Our staff will be there with all the info you need before and after adoption.

This sweet boy would be purrfect company for anyone who loves their playtime as much as their me-time. O’Malley’s the type to stop by, show off his new song, snuggle into your lap for a bit, then head out to do his own thing. Not too distant, not too clingy — he’s the best of both worlds.

His ideal home is calm and quiet, and has a few extra rooms where he can go to when he needs his space. Because he can be a little sensitive to touch, and because he often enjoys his space, it would be best if he went to a more mature home without young children. As for other pets, they should be calm and respectful of his space. He ain’t no kitten anymore and knows what he likes!



Age: 8 years 5 months
Sex: Male
Size: Small
Colour: Orange/White
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Declawed: No


In order to ensure a smooth and successful adoption, please remember to check all the basic requirements for adopting before coming in to the shelter.


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Each week we feature animals available for adoption from local shelters in the Toronto area with the hopes that our readers will assist in finding good homes for them. If you, or someone you know, has the resources to take care of one of these animals, please do get in touch with the appropriate shelter via the links provided.




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