“A Day In The Life” With Second City Veteran Jonathan Shaboo

Jonathan, a four-year veteran of The Second City Toronto and graduate of The Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago, is a multi-talented artist. He can act, he can sing, and he can write. In doing any of the above, he can make you laugh one second and cry the next. In a good way, obviously. Jonathan, better known to close friends as Shaboo, has toured in musicals across North America, performed in sketch comedy videos that have gathered millions of views, and most importantly, touched the hearts of many with his performances. Beyond being a performer, he’s also a great friend. Shaboo is one of the best people to hang out with. His laughter is contagious, his riffing knows no bounds, and he’s not afraid to open up and get deep and emotional if need be. If this was a review, I’d give him an A+ as a performer and an A++ as a human being. This bio was written by his friend Rob. Rob’s a good dude.

Proof that Mike has brown friends
-Proof that Mike has brown friends.
Johnathan Shaboo
-It wasn’t me.
Proof that Mike has brown friends
-This is actually just really good wallpaper.
Johnathan Shaboo
-We ate a very disappointing date square before this.
Johnathan Shaboo
-I hate shopping.
Johanthan Shaboo
-The Steppenrats.
Johnathan Shaboo
-Fine. Nature’s pretty cool, I guess.
Johnathan Shaboo
-Saturday night banger.

Which ‘hood are you in?


What do you do?

Well during the pandemic I got really good at steaks. Like, how to touch them and know the rarity. I also act, sing, strum some guitar, write, teach, direct, tell jokes and play the role of podcast host from time to time.

What are you currently working on? 

Currently, I am driving the west coast in a 2012 Jeep Liberty that hates going above 45. The breaks are also suspect. I’m on my way to Vancouver to shoot an indie short, Hightail, written by my newfound friend France Maurice. It’s heavy stuff. She boldly takes on domestic abuse during the quarantine and I’m fortunate enough to play a part in the storytelling.

I’m also super excited to be working on the Bad Arabs Podcast, a longform podcast about the first gen Arab experience, that I created for Outside the March’s programsound.fm. My inaugural guest is the insanely talented Salma Hindy. We spend a lot of time laughing at shit our parents say.

My good buddy Rob Michaels (yes, that same Rob from the bio) and I are developing a new tv show which we are STOKED about…we giggle and write jokes together over messenger. It’s super cute.

About two years ago I spent a summer studying at Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago. I met a group of fearless actors there. This year we decided it would be a smart idea to start our own theatre company. During a global pandemic. I know. And yet against all odds, the Bramble Theatre Company is on its way to its first full season with some amazing talent at the helm.

Lastly, I’m working with Sarah Marchand and alma matters productions to stage a digital series of one act plays, which premieres Fall 2021. I’ll be directing DISCORD written by Jax Smith and Helene Taylor. We’re currently looking for a warehouse to shoot it in. If anyone has a good warehouse laying around, hit me up.

Where can we find your work?

You can catch most of my life on Instagram | @jonathanshaboo
I’m just terrible at posting but I’m getting better.

Check out Bramble Theatre Company www.brambletheatre.org

Follow programsound.fm on Instagram @programsound.fm or visit the website www.programsound.fm

Support Hightail https://bit.ly/3xTZ1pO and DISCORD https://www.almamattersproductions.com/donate