“A Day in the Life” with Allison Dore founder of Howl & Roar Records

Over the past few years Allison Dore’s name has become synonymous with the Canadian Entertainment scene. Hailing from Ottawa, Ontario, Allison Dore started her career as an actor (and Mcdonald’s employee). After being encouraged by her older brother (a comic, but enough about him) she tried stand-up comedy and soon realized she had a talent for talking, and having people laugh at it!

Allison moved to Toronto in 2005 and continued to pursue acting and comedy until another career took her by surprise! Six months after starting a podcast Allison received an offer to co-host her own show on SiriusXM, broadcast internationally via satellite radio. It quickly became apparent Allison had more than a talent for interviewing and radio, she had a passion. As her talent and love for talk radio grew, Allison was given the opportunity to host and curate her own weekly show, BroadCast, celebrating women in comedy. By 2018 she was given her own three hour daily time shot as the host of The Breakdown.

Excelling at her career, Allison decided to add to keep adding to it. She started ‘Digging In With Allison Dore’. A conversational podcast where she talks to people from all walks of life and really learns what makes them tick.

She has an expertise when it comes to making people feel comfortable to share their own personal life struggles. Last year she took on her biggest venture yet, a Comedy Record Label. After all her years in the comedy world Allison realized there was a need to make the industry of comedy more reflective of the diversity in the world. Howl & Roar Records was born. A female comedy centric label focusing on amplifying the voices of those whom may not be given the mainstream opportunities. Some of the best comedians in Canada have been clamouring to sign with the new label making it a hit right out of the gate.

Being a smart, successful, career women hasn’t stopped Allison from having time to be a kick ass mom to her adopted Corgi, Chili! She is a vegetarian, a lover of pens, cozy sweaters and fine herbal teas, a wonderful friend to many, and an inspiration to more than she realizes!

– Bio by her good friend, Michelle Shaughnessy

I call Steve Earle ‘The Musical Love of My Life’ and in April 2019 I got to interview him for FORTY MINUTES! It was a dream come true.
Allison Dore
My lovely friends Kate and Cleve have a sail boat, and this summer we took Chili on his first boat ride. He loved it except for those ducks that think they own the place.
Allison Dore
Chili and I love spending time at High Park, especially in spring and summer. You can’t tell there’s a city around you when you are on the trails!
Allison Dore
September 19, 2018 we officially launched Howl & Roar Records with the recording of Kate Davis’ album. Michelle Shaughnessy emceed the show, and Aisha Brown was our opener. We decided to take a ridiculous fake-laughing photo, and the result is framed in my dining room because I love it so much!” (Pictured L to R: Michelle, Kate, me, Aisha)
My brother Jon is one of my favourite people and best friend. When he comes to town I get him to co-host my show with me as much as possible!
Allison Dore
My best friend Amanda and I have known each other since we were 7, and this year she threw me a surprise 40th birthday party. I guess at this point I am stuck with her.
Most of my pictures are of my dog. We like to get crazy on a Saturday night and check out the latest Snapchat filters.
I am very lucky to have a super supportive family, who come to as many of my events as possible! This picture from the Howl & Roar launch is my parents and I in front, and my cousins and their significant others in the back. I know if I need them, they will be there. Not everyone has that kind of security in this world, and I have so much gratitude for the people around me.

What ‘hood are you in?

High Park! It’s the third part of Toronto I’ve lived in since I moved here, and I never want to leave. Being close to the park has been huge for me and my sweet boo Chili the Corgi.

What do you do?

I have a few jobs, the main ones being: Founder and CEO of Howl & Roar Records Inc.; host of the daily entertainment talk show The Breakdown with Allison Dore, on SiriusXM channel 167; and host and curator of the weekly show Allison Dore’s BroadCast on SiriusXM channel 168, where we celebrate women in comedy.

What are you currently working on?

At Howl & Roar between now and the end of 2019 we have three upcoming live recordings; three albums being released; and four albums in postproduction. I am also currently working on deep breathing because IT IS A LOT!

Where can we find your work?

I would love it if you checked out Howl & Roar Records on social media @howl_roar. Our albums are available on all online platforms, and you can find out more on our website. Radio wise you can hear me from 2-5pm ET Monday to Friday on channel 167, and Tuesday at 8pm ET on channel 168!



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