“A Day in the Life” with actor, singer, and dancer, Brittany Charlotte Smith

Brittany Charlotte Smith is a Macedonian-Canadian actor and writer who lives between Toronto and Los Angeles, which is devastating for all her friends who don’t get to experience her year-round. She claims she’s a classic triple threat actor, singer, and dancer, but she’s actually a quadruple threat when you take into consideration her incredible comedic chops. Like most comedians from Toronto, she trained at The Second City, but unlike most comedians, she was cast in their House Company – because Second City also recognized her as a quadruple threat.

Brittany is also a trained actor, and it shows whenever you watch her on screen. She’s charming, captivating, and incredibly versatile in the types of characters she can play. She played a supporting lead role in I Won’t Let You Go (Lifetime) and just wrapped two huge projects coming out later this year that she can’t talk about yet. Her other past credits include Christmas à la Carte (Lifetime), a series regular on CBC series According to Kids, Deadly Influencer (Lifetime), and Suits (NBC) – where she played an incredibly dedicated receptionist, which mirrors her dedicated and passionate personality in real life.

When I first met Brittany I knew she was going to be a star, which is why we’ve worked on countless comedy sketches together – many of which have gotten hundreds of thousands of views online. What I didn’t expect though was how kind and down-to-earth she is on top of everything she has going for her. She’s truly one of the sweetest souls on the planet. It’s only a matter of time before she blows up and becomes a regular face on our TV screens. because she’s not only incredibly talented, but she’s also professional, humble, and an amazing person that people would be extremely lucky to work with and even luckier to be friends with.

Written by Rob Michaels – Writer/Actor/Comedian

Brittany Charlotte Smith
Hi! So this is me, Brittany. It’s what I look like (with make-up and lighting). It’s what I usually look like when I’m about to shoot a self-tape or go to an audition. Photo by: Calyssa Lorraine.
Brittany Charlotte Smith
On the set of my most recent project!
Brittany Charlotte Smith
This was my first big job out of theatre school. I was the Princess at Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament! It was ridiculous and amazing.
Performing on stage as Hermione Granger in PotterProv at the Comedy Bar.
This photo was taken on the set of my short film The Care Giver, which I wrote, co-directed and starred in. Yes, it was nuts, but a lot of fun.
I feel incredibly lucky to have an amazing community of friends who are so supportive. I try to see them as much as possible because they are truly the most wonderful and talented people I’ve ever met. Here we are in Trinity Bellwoods park, I think we spent 8 hours there that day. Thank goodness no one got a sunburn.
If I’m not working I love going on adventures with my other best friend, my husband. This is us on the Friends set at Warner Bros Studio!
Brittany Charlotte Smith
This is what my life looks like on a typical day. Breaking down scripts, prepping for auditions or acting class with my best friend and some tea. My cat does make it a challenge to get work done, as you can see, but he’s just so cute it’s hard to stay mad.


Which ’hood are you in?

Currently, I go back and forth between Toronto and Los Angeles. When I’m here, I’m in North York, where I grew up. For years I lived right by Chinatown, and I definitely miss downtown. To be clear, not the traffic (which is all over Toronto), but nothing beats walking through Kensington market on a Sunday afternoon right before sunset.

What do you do?

I consider myself an actor, both screen and stage, however, I also sing, dance, and do comedy. A typical week for me would be filled with auditions, acting classes, and writing meetings. Recently I stumbled my way into writing, and have a short film (The Care Giver) making the festival circuit right now!

When I’m not working I like to try new restaurants, check out flea markets, travel, attempt to finish the books I’ve half read, and work out…and by that I mean to force my husband to go on hikes with me.

What are you currently working on?

I recently wrapped a romantic film directed by the amazing Alpha Nicky Mulowa, as well as another big project that should be announced in the next couple of months. I can’t wait for them to come out! I’m also working on a pilot with my writing partners and some other short film scripts.

Where can we find your work?

You can find a curation of my work on my website or you can watch me on LifeTime (I Won’t Let You Go, Christmas à la Carte, Deadly Influencer), CBC (According To Kids), NBC (Suits).

You can also follow me on Instagram.



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