Strange encounters and Toronto’s animal communicator ‘Modern Day Dr. Dolittle’

It was in the spring when I first met Meg Dolittle at Barkworks, the annual dog show and marketplace at Evergreen Brick Works. Her booth said she was an animal communicator. She caught my attention. Was this for real? Was she some sort of animal psychic? I stopped for a brief chat and stuffed her business card into my back pocket. I moved on and had nearly forgotten about her until a strange encounter I had one day recently.

I was walking my dog downtown as I often would when a stranger stopped me on the street in tears. She was mourning the loss of her dog and showed me photos. I thought how uncanny  it was that her dog resembled mine. We stood and chatted for two hours. She mentioned that she had seen an animal psychic who had comforted her. She was told that at her darkest moment of really missing her own dog, another dog will appear and it would be her dog communicating to her and telling her that he’s okay. The woman told me she was deeply emotional missing her dog just that night before she saw us. Coincidence? Possible. But let’s just say, my dog is not a very common breed and colouring you’d see in on the streets.

Aside from that, I had mentioned this encounter to another friend of mine, who also has a dog. Strangely, she mentioned she had seen Meg in recently month but I had no idea. She validated what Meg had told her about her dog (who is alive) and was ready to return for a second reading.

I knew it was time to reconnect with Meg to learn more about what all this animal communication stuff is all about.

Animal communicator Meg Doolittle
Animal communicator Meg Doolittle

How do we refer to you? Animal communicator or psychic? 

Meg: Animal communicator and pet psychic are technically one and the same. However, the word “psychic” has a stigma, and otherwise negative connotation associated with it, whereas animal communications is a more refined and contemporary way of talking about it. Thought leaders in the space, who have practiced animal telepathy for 30+ years, refer to themselves as animal communicators, and so that is how I identify myself.

When did you discover you had this gift?

Meg: My story about how I came to have, know and understand this ability is not one of a lifetime of learning, but rather I like to say I had to be “thumped over the head“ with it. For many years I’ve been interested mediumship and psychics and would occasionally engage them for insights into my own life. Two years ago I visited one to discuss my career; at the time I owned and operated my own marketing communications business. Unsatisfied with what should have been the prime of my career, I was seeking guidance on what to do and where to go for more fulfillment. The message that came through from my guides was, “it is time to start your animal communications.” I dismissed the message, and life went on. Six months later I returned to the same medium still frustrated about my career. The same message cam through. This time I told her that I already did animal communications, because my marketing communications business serviced pet brands. In my mind, I already worked in “animal communications.” The medium laughed, pause the reading, and proceeded to explain what telepathic animal communications was. I was floored, excited and still a little confused. The next message she delivered was that I’ve been doing this for “multiple lifetimes”, and getting back into it would be like riding a bike. I’ll just get on, and go. Hindsight is twenty-twenty I guess, because looking back I realize not everyone experienced animals the way I did, though I had no basis for comparison, just my own life perspective. The medium recommended a wonderful mentor for me to work with to sharpen and hone my skills, and so I took a leap of faith and gave it a shot. The rest is history.

How did you hone your skills?

Meg: I worked with Maia Kincaid, Ph.D and Animal communicator from Sedona Arizona. She’s been in the space for 30 years and written several books. Maia offered me on-the-job training, exposing me to animals of all walks (elephants, horses, dogs, dolphins, etc.). For me the work, or the lesson, it’s not so much about the skill set and honouring the gift, it is about building my confidence and getting out there and sharing my ability publicly.

What are some of the most common reasons people come to you?

Meg: The most common reasons are health, behaviour, and past life history of an animal (think rescues).

Now, because I connect with animals here as well as on the other side, the top reason is people who are longing for closure or connection with a beloved pet that has transitioned.

Regarding behavioural issues, it is important to note that I am not an animal behaviouralist, and I don’t train them. But if there is a behaviour issue I can ask the animal what it is thinking or feeling about it, and perhaps see if they’ll prescribe a solution. The responses vary. Some will offer a very conventional approach, meanwhile, others will ask for the most random things to course correct.

Animal communicator Meg Doolittle
Animal communicator Meg Doolittle

Can you share an experience that made a big impact on what you do?

Meg: A big turning point in my animal communications journey was realizing how interwoven and divinely orchestrated animals are in our lives. I’d always had this intrinsic belief and knowingness that they hold great purpose and teach us invaluable lessons, but it wasn’t until I did a reading that it hit me the impact that animals truly have on our lives.

The story goes, I was doing readings at an event, and a woman came in to have her puppy read (a puppy she has recently been gifted by her husband). Puppies are new life and brings with them tons of play, love and joy. Well, the reading took a turn when the puppy brought up the woman’s mother who had pass on about 10 years earlier. The puppy requested that the woman finish grieving her lost mother so she could free up room in her heart and allow the puppy to really step it’s role and fulfill its intended purpose. The woman had closed off a big part of her heart, and admittedly continued to struggle with getting past the feelings of guilt and sadness. Needless to say the puppy’s request motivated her to complete her healing journey and let love in again.

This was a magnificent moment to see how animals are her to serve us on a much higher level. They hold up “the mirror” so to speak to shine a light back on ourselves for opportunity for self improvement of the highest form.

You do readings in-person, phone, video messaging and email. Can you tell us how email works without actually spending time with the human/animal?

Meg: I connect with animals energy to receive messages and communications telepathically.

For those who aren’t familiar, telepathy is the communication of thoughts or ideas using extrasensory preceptors, or what are more commonly known as “clairs” (clairvoyant, clairsentient, claircognizant, etc.).

I predominately use clairvoyance (seeing images, signs) and clairsentient (feeling how the animal feels) to work with animals here as well as those that have passed on and are communicating from the Other Side.

How do you typically prepare yourself before a reading?

Meg: I say a prayer asking the angels and my guides to join me, requesting that I am a clear and open channel while setting the intention for the reading.

A big part of this is asking that I get out of my own way, removing my ego, emotions, old forms and mindset, clearing entirely my emotional field.

Two big things in doing this work are no ego and no emotions. As the messenger I want to make sure that I am not superimposing my personal views on any messages that come through, thereby affecting the integrity of the reading. Similarly making sure I don’t soften, or hold back messages that may seemingly upset or anger a person. This can often be the case with animals that are near its end of life and want to communicate this with their owner.

What other creatures have you had shared communications with aside from cats and dogs?

Meg: All kinds from iguanas, hamsters, hermit crabs, and parrots to elephants, tigers, wolves, and dolphins. The hermit crabs (Sir Belvedere and Sir Robinson) were one of the most interesting species I’ve read. They have such a different perspective and ways of communicating.

Were there any messages that made you laugh from animal to their humans?

Meg: I once had a woman ask me if her dogs missed her husband who was away on business for a couple of months.

They said yes they missed him, and acknowledge his voice when he would call his wife and they would chat over speakerphone. They also said they really appreciated that he left them his old t-shirts so they had his scent. When the dogs were asked if they had any anything else to say (animals always have more to say!) one said, “we’d like some dirty socks too.” The wife started laughing hysterically. Apparently, the husband never wore socks. He despised them. But sure enough, the wife reported back that she’d told her husband to buy some socks, sweaty them up and mail them home for the dogs 🙂

Another owner asked why her dog kept eating dirt. He said, “well I’d rather eat pizza.” Sure enough,  the dog’s nickname was “pizza dog” because the husband always fed him pizza.

I could go on but these two off the top of my head.

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