Cool Things to Check Out at the 2019 Canadian International AutoShow

The Canadian International AutoShow is back for 2019 with a week filled with new cars, tech, art and more. Each year we showcase some of the things we are excited to see. After a brief visit on media day, here are some of our top suggestions.


As a LEGO-maniac myself, I have to start with the blue LEGO Bugatti made with their TECHNIC pieces. The exterior, the interior, the lights and all are beautifully connected to make this work of art.

LEGO Bugatti LEGO Bugatti 2 interior

2. Lowriders

’64 Impalas, ’36 Impala El Rey and a ’91 Cadillac Fleetwood are just some of the decked out low riders, complete with hydraulics, on show at this year’s event.

63 impala el rey

3. Military Vehicles

A collection of military vehicles including a Canadian Military Pattern (1944 Chevy Truck) Type 13 Cab Wireless Truck. The vehicle was made in Canada during WW2. It was built at the Oshawa GM plant in 1944.

Military Vehicles GM PLANT Oshawa
Canadian Military Pattern (1944 Chevy Truck) Type 13 Cab Wireless Truck
Military Vehicles
Textron Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle

4. Ekso Vest

5-15 lbs. of support are fostered from the Ford Ekso Vest that was being showcased in the Ford area. Exo-skeletons like this are sure to be huge in the future as they can increase productivity of your current workforce.

Ekso Vest

5. 2020 GT 500

Out later this year, the first GT 500 since 2014. Several versions will be available including the carbon fiber choice on display at the AutoShow. Buyers will also be able to select from several colours but red looks oh so sweet. Here is a shot of the interior at the wheel. Notice the new dial for the automatic engine. No more shifting.

FORD GT 500 2020

6. Zombie suit

The Zombie suit simulates what it is like to stay in control while drifting off to sleep. Staff will attach weights on to one of your ankles and to the opposite wrist. They will also attach a weighted vest and hat to simulate the weight of fatigue. Finally, glasses that can dim and simulate your 1 second, 2 second and up to 10 second lapses in attention. Try following the signs while rigged up to see how well you do.

Zombie Suit

7. Cadillac 1937 Series 90 Roadster with Coachwork Custom Build

Custom built for a wealthy Swiss playboy named Phillipe Barraud by a Lausaunne coach builder named Willy Hartmann. Such an amazing thing to behold.

1937 cadillac series 90 roadster

8. Jeep Display

The best display goes to Jeep with their walking bridge through a waterfall and over and around their vehicles. Check it out in the North building.

Jeep Display CIAS 2019

9. Drive Garage

Get some gaming in at the RBC DRIVE Garage.


10. 1900 Overland Custom by George Barris

Old horse and carriage style vehicle custom made by the late George Barris who made the 1966 Batmobile as well as other Hollywood vehicles.

1900 George Barris


The Canadian International AutoShow runs from February 15-24 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in downtown Toronto.

Visit their website for more info and tickets.



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