Viaggio a beautiful, warm environment with hearty Italian fare

Dundas West has been calling to foodies with gems like Enoteca Sociale, Uncle Mikey’s, and furthermore, The Drake Commissary. Whether these locales inspired the Little Portugal hot spot rumble or simply the perfect piece of real estate screaming for a makeover popped up, the team from the recently closed The Commodore elegantly claimed the cozy property located at 1727 Dundas St. West. As you walk up, you’ll notice a newly renovated patio with fairy lights and floral arrangements awaits summertime patronage to the left of the building. Until then, their logo, “Viaggio,” vertically placed just above the front door.

Viaggio Interior

Walk up a few steps and enter this 35-seater nook that welcomes you with warm wood finish on the ceiling, cigar stained leather booths, marble tables, and mood lighting in modern fixtures. Orchids and candles make you feel right at home as you walk past the densely stocked bar ready to make some of the most curious cocktail creations.

Branding on point, if you know the Italian card game known as Scoppa, you’ll want to play it when you see the symbols subtly peeking out from their menu and billfold. But more importantly, what’s on the menu:

Viaggio Ribolitta


Imagine Nonna filling your plate as you sit by the fireplace on a snowy night. This Tuscan bread soup tastes like a snug winter day with warm, umami filled bites of cooked beans, root vegetables, and thickened with in-house made bread. Best part about this dish? It tastes loaded with cheese but is actually VEGAN. You read that right. Chef Jon Vettraino was inspired by a similar soup he had when visiting Tuscany. When reaching for the cheese the Italians screamed “NO” so he tried it without, loved it, and brought it back for us to enjoy. Thanks, Jon!

Viaggio Sweetbreads Saltimboca
Sweetbreads Saltimboca


Rich and delightful, this small app is sure to please the adventurous palate. Cured spec and sage crunch with the perfectly fried sweetbreads balanced with Pinot Grigio butter sauce underneath. A must.

Viaggio Snow Crab Tagliatelle
Snow Crab Tagliatelle


The showstopper of the evening. In-house made fresh Tagliatelle pasta in a rich, creamy sauce otherwise known as the most popular dish on the menu. Classic Italian inspired cream sauce but instead of peas they use edamame, honey mushrooms, and a generous amount of butter poached crab. Come hungry and order two of these if you can.

VIaggio Peking Duck Agrodolce
Peking Duck Agrodolce


In this day and age it’s difficult to stay in one realm of cooking and I totally respect that. Here we have the Peking Duck Agrodolce with mostly Italian ingredients. The recipe was inspired by a Risotto Agrodolce. Chef Jon Vettraino took the sauce and created a tender, saucy duck dish with it. Expect flavours of balsamic, vin cotto, grape must in this mouth watering sauce. Anaheim chilies found sprinkled on the duck give a refreshing crunch to this rich delight.

Be sure to check out Viaggio’s seasonal menu before it switches over from these winter dishes. Two people are able to enjoy 2x apps, 2x mains and 2x drinks for just under $120. This spot is perfect for foodies, an intimate birthday gathering, or a romantic candlelight dinner.


Check out their website for more info.



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