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Let’s play a game; what’s the first thing you think of when I name these smells?

Sewer. Did it suddenly feel hot and sticky? Could you almost taste the bitter sourness in the back of your throat?

Ripe peach. For me this is always accompanied with laughter. Can you see the field and dandelions too?

As the founders of ESYM put it, “Our sense of smell is directly linked to the most primitive part of the brain associated with memories and emotions, called the limbic system. This is why our sense of smell has the power to shape experiences of the world and inspire a state of mind.”

esym scent pods

ESYM scent pods are small handheld containers filled with a blend of essential oils from naturally grown plants, which are collected from choice sources all over the world. They are ergonomically designed and portable for you to take anywhere you need.

For their initial launch, ESYM designed three unique blends:

Tenkawa Passage – This is my personal favourite. Described as a refreshing green scent experience made from parsley herb, galbanum, coriander, and cypress. It’s inspired by the sacred Japanese forest filled with pristine waters and lush green life. I love the natural earthy smell and find it so soothing. It’s a must right before bed so I can drift off to a green dream getaway.

esym scent pods

Curacao Breeze – Inspired by the Caribbean’s tropical wave of citrus and spice. This is an energetic smell for me. The tangerine and orange peel notes are strong but lovely. This citrus scent is made from tangerine, blackcurrant, lime, and orange wild.

Curacao Breeze esym scent pods

Parisian Morning – Last but not least, a comforting scent experience made from vanilla, coffee, almond bitter, and elderflower. It’s inspired by Paris’ morning ritual that warms the soul. If you have a sweet tooth, this one’s for you.

Parisian Morning esym scent pods

I’ve made ESYM a daily ritual, Curacao Breeze in the morning to awaken my senses and Tenkawa Passage before bed to calm my soul. These smells have a profound connection with my mood and I can see how this product can be incorporated into a wellness plan to clear your mind, unwind and recharge.

Find out more about ESYM on Kickstarter and read below for our interview with co-founders Jo Lu and Andrea Xavier.

Who is behind ESYM?

We’re a small team of designers (creative, scent, experience, technology) who met in Toronto three years ago.

Working for the same marketing agency, we soon bonded over our mutual pursuit of wellness and motivation to become more balanced in life. We love doing yoga together, having spa dates, and exchanging recipes for tasty healthy meals as our ways to de-stress. But work and other commitments can keep us so busy that we often had to call off these important activities. So we asked ourselves and each other, is there a quick way for us to de-stress that doesn’t require a lot of time and money and can be easily used anytime and anywhere? And that was the beginning of our journey together to find the perfect solution.

JoLu Co Founder esym scent pods
JoLu Co Founder esym scent pods

What is ESYM about?

The idea of ESYM evolved from our journey to simplify the complexities in life and reconnect with our inner selves. The digital lifestyle powered by ever growing technology brought us an overwhelming amount of information and stimuli in everyday life. We’re constantly checking our phone, always busy, and always on the run. So we end up knowing everything about everyone else yet failed to really experience and appreciate our own lives. This is why we designed ESYM scent pods to serve as a reminder throughout the day to take a moment, connect with ourselves, de-stress and experience our very own lives.

How is ESYM different from today’s aromatherapy and fine fragrance?

Aromatherapy today caters towards functional benefits rather than scent aesthetics. They usually uplift the spirit but smell overly medicinal. On the other hand, fine fragrance is all about scent aesthetics without the healing properties. They are made with synthetic chemicals that can be toxic to the body.

ESYM differs from both by finding that perfect balance between functional benefits and scent aesthetics while being crafted from all natural ingredients. ESYM smells great and still delivers positive attributes with the power to calm the mind, unlock memories and soothe emotions.

The appearance of our scent pod was also carefully considered. It’s been beautifully designed with a wick system that makes messy essential oils leak free so that aromatherapy can be used in a public setting and not contained to the spa or home.

How to use the ESYM scent pod?

Simply open the cap of the scent pod and take a breath. Our scent pod is designed for optimal scent diffusion. The scent matures over time (similar to a fine wine), although everyone’s scent preference is different a typical usage period for one scent pod with a refill is 2-3 months. Additional refills can be purchased as needed.

What are some use scenarios?

Travel: ESYM scent pods are the perfect travel companions for flights, subway rides, and cars. Moving from point A to B can be stressful and as people encroach on your space the scent creates a cocoon of refreshment from a stale cabin to unpleasant odors.

Yoga: We’re big believers of yoga. Since breathing is such an important part of the yoga practice, we see ESYM scent pods as the perfect yogi companions.

Work: Office headaches, tight deadlines, too many meetings? Ground yourself with vitalizing ESYM scent pods.



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