Ravioli Francobollo by Francobollo Posto Italiano Chef Stephen Perrin


Ravioli Francobollo

The head chef and owner of Francobollo Posto Italiano in Toronto has sent us some of his recipes to try, the first is for his Ravioli Francobollo.

Filling & Sauce Ingredients:

– 700 grams ground veal
– 250 grams bufala ricotta
– 250 grams butternut squash
– 2 cups grated parmiggiano reggiano
– 1 carrot
– 1 large white onion
– 2 celery sticks
– 40 grams butter
– 500 ml white wine
–2 tablespoons fresh sage
– ~ 1 gram pistachio paste
– ~20 grams crushed pistachios
– Truffle oil
– Olive oil

Fresh Pasta Ingredients:

– 800 grams “00” white flour
– 9 eggs


Fresh Pasta

– Place flour on clean, flat surface
– Shape into mound and create indent in centre
– One by one, add 8 eggs into centre (reserve 1 egg for later)
– Mix eggs and flour with fork
– Begin kneading dough by hand until consistency is achieved
– Place dough in bowl covered with saran wrap, place in fridge to chill for half an hour


– Butternut squash: preheat oven to 350 degrees, remove skin, cube, toss with salt, pepper, olive oil, place flat on pan with aluminum foil covering, bake for approximately 45 minutes
– Remove from oven and let cool
– Finely chop onion, carrot, and celery
– Sautee with olive oil on medium for several minutes
– Add ground veal and white wine, sauté until well cooked, stirring occasionally
– Remove from heat
– Mix in butternut squash, bufala ricotta, and parmiggiano by hand, ensuring all ingredients are well blended and a firm consistency
– If filling is too watery, bread crumbs can be added to achieve correct consistency
– Remove dough from fridge
– If using pasta machine, insert dough into machine to create sheets ~8 cm wide, ~70 cm long
– If making by hand, roll dough out into long narrow sheets ~8 cm wide, ~70 cm long
– Place 1 teaspoon of filling approximately 2 cm apart along top length of pasta sheet
– Take remaining egg, beat with fork/whisk, brush onto pasta sheet in between filling and around edges
– Fold over empty side of sheet on top of filling
– Press down sheet in between filling to create pockets, and along edges to seal properly
– Use ravioli cutter to cut each filled area into squares


– Pre-heat sauce pan to medium
– Place butter, sage, pistachio paste in heated pan, mix until creamy
– Bring a pot of water to rolling boil
– Place ravioli in boiling water for four minutes, strain
– Place in sauce and mix well

When plated, garnish with crumbled pistachios


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