Seeing Through the Eyes of Psychic Angel Morgan

Angel Mogran Toronto fortune tellar
Angel Morgan

I didn’t have a clue about how my encounter with Psychic Angel Morgan would go. I admit that I didn’t plan things too much ahead for this interview and all I knew was that I really wanted to let this meeting run away with the moment. I’ll come right out to say that I do believe that some people have the ability to ‘see’.  But I also believe there are frauds out there. I’ve been to a few you know, just for fun. I wanted to get some insight as to why someone would consider themselves a reader, which by the way, Angel prefers to be called. When it comes right down to it… I really wanted to see if this woman was legit.

Some of you may have heard her name before as she’s joined in monthly on Barb Digiulio’s “The NightSide” radio show on newstalk 1010 as well as a regular call in show on Whistle Radio 102.7 Fm . She’s also appeared on television and is currently on tour. When I had first joked around with my friend saying “I’m going to meet a psychic and I assume she’ll know what I’m going to ask her,” one person piped up and mentioned that Angel was amazing. Wait. Okay, validation from one of my friends already.

So, I had arranged to meet with Angel at a local cafe…just as I had sat down and as though she was looking right through me, she began “reading” me. No warm up chit chat (which I’ve been suspicious of in the past) Not what I had planned but she got right into it and caught me by surprise. She had pinpointed some personal stuff immediately. I felt my skin prickle up. Angel had apologized for jumping in but mentioned that sometimes things happen very quickly and in my case, she was seeing things even before we started chatting. Having said that, she will only pipe up if she knows the person is accepting. But what happens if it’s not the right time? Angel had mentioned once she was at a restaurant and saw the spirit of a child standing next to the person eating. She wanted to say something but realized that it wasn’t the right time or place. We launched into that conversation of how she handles that situation.

Angel explains that the spiritual guides help her find an opening to start a conversation, but there are times that it’s just not right. In these situations she would ask them the spirits to come back another time. Interesting. Angel explained that she can’t turn them off , nor does she want to, but she can ask them politely to go away…and what she does isn’t meant to spook people but to offer guidance. “But don’t ask me if I see dead people,” she laughs.

I asked Angel how this all started. She had mentioned that when she was a little girl, she knew she was different and not like the rest of the kids. She would talk about her dreams and was told she was a daydreamer with an overactive imagination. Angel had mentioned that in high school her math teacher had told her she needed to get her head out of the clouds and do something practical because she would never become successful at anything  in real life if she didn’t. “I remembered that just because of that, I would never have a real job,” said Angel. But she also says she’s grateful for her teacher doing that because it made also played a role in who she is today.

Angel wasn’t always known as a reader. In fact, she owned a theatre company for 20 years and was a singer on a cruise ship for 6 months but always felt there was something missing. She was taking a herbalogy course in a small town and a woman approached her asking if she had ever taken Reiki. She didn’t know what that was but decided to learn more about the Japanese healing method. The combination and love for the outdoors opened up a whole new world of connectivity with nature and people. She then travelled to Guatemala and met some Shaman who put her through a ceremony and there she started to understand that not only does she have this ability to read people but also animals. FYI my online search of what “Shaman” is yielded this… A “Shaman” is a medicine man or woman…spiritual beings with the ability to heal, work with energies and ‘see’ visions.  Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition and a way of life.

So, how does she read people? I mean, she’s on this tour that draws hundreds of people. As I understand, in a crowd like that there are strong signals from her spiritual guides and they will come out first, of course. But she reads individuals as well.

While she was trying to read me, Angel had mentioned something that has been bugging me for a while and it was very specific and absolutely nothing she could have possibly known about me. Chills ran down my spine. About a half hour into me trying to interview her while she was trying to read me…a friend of mine dropped into the cafe. Immediately I saw Angel look directly at her and as my friend approached and I made the introduction, Angel asked if my friend would be okay if she tells her something.  Angel launched into a reading that made my friend tear up. The information we received on that morning was definitely things that we both are experiencing in our lives at the moment. They weren’t general observations that anyone could just blurt out. Believe or not? It’s an individual decision. But what Angel did was gave us some  some comfort in knowing that we can handle what’s coming.



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