Five Minutes With: Afro-House Musician Xeynamay

Born in Ethiopia under the name “Mahlet” echoing “Praise to God,” Xeynamay stands as a trailblazer, seamlessly fusing the rhythms of Afro music with the electrifying energy of old house beats. Her sonic palette is a celebration of cultural diversity and an exploration of new sonic territories. Drawing inspiration from her heritage, Xéynamay crafts immersive musical landscapes that defy convention and beckon listeners to embark on a transcendent journey.








Latest Single:


Latest Video:

Favourite musician growing up:

Donna Summers, Teddy Afro, Destiny’s Child

Favourite musician now:

Beyoncé, Uncle Waffles, Wegdayit, Teddy Afro

Guilty pleasure song:

Miley Cyrus: Angels Like You 🫣

Live show ritual:

Lots of water, lots of solo time and listening to all the songs I’m performing all day.

Favourite local musician:

Char Viorea

EP or LP?


Early bird or night owl?

Early Bird

Road or studio?


Any shows or albums coming up?

Debut LP came out on October 31st

Where can we follow you?



Rapid Fire Local Questions:

What is your favourite local restaurant?

“Soras” on the Danforth or “Nunu Ethiopian Fusion” by Queen West

What is your favourite street in your city and why?

Queen St. West. It’s the perfect clash of all the different cultures that make up Toronto

What is your favourite park in your city and why?

Sunnyside or Ontario Place. The water always calms me down and I write most of my songs there.

What is your favourite music venue in your city?

Danforth Music Hall

What is your favourite music store in your city?

Long and Mcquade on Bloor lol. It’s my favourite for all gear!


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