Norman Jewison Cinema: Unveiling at the Hazelton Hotel

With the summer transitioning to autumn, Toronto transforms into a celebrity cornucopia during the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). TIFF ‘23 saw Yorkville abuzz with the Hazelton Hotel’s unveiling of the Norman Jewison Cinema. Scores of pedestrians, celebrities and Canadian talent graced the streets of Yorkville to honour the famed Canadian director and producer.

Norman Jewison Cinema: Unveiling at the Hazelton Hotel
Photo by Don Dixon

The Hazelton Hotel is Toronto’s first and only luxury boutique hotel. Its ambiance is opulent; the aesthetic welcomes guests into the space with warmth, beauty and intrigue. From eye-catching art installations to the lush furniture, grandiosity comes to mind when walking into this wondrous space. The Hazelton Hotel features over 60 uniquely designed rooms and 15 exceptional suites, all offering a classic mix of chic opulence coupled with a 1940 inspired aesthetic. The Hazelton boasts signature ONE Restaurant; famed executive chef Darby Piquette has found an enchanting way to bring the signature dishes of ONE Restaurant to life. Must-haves from the exceptional menu include the Lobster Spoons and the Tuna Tartare. Chef Piquette creates unique blends of flavours, turning each dish into works of art. His dishes will have guests yearning for more. As if the luxe ambiance and captivating dishes were not enough, the spa, state-of-the-art fitness centre and in-house cinema makes the Hazelton a true gem of Yorkville in Toronto.

Norman Jewison Cinema: Unveiling at the Hazelton Hotel
Event space adjoining the Norman Jewison cinema

The Norman Jewison Cinema unveiling was the place to be, this TIFF. Notable Canadians were present during this momentous event to celebrate this Canadian icon. Jewison, now 97, has worked with many of Hollywood’s greatest talents, producing and directing classics like Moonstruck (1987), starring Cher and Nicolas Cage; The Hurricane (1999), which starred Denzel Washington and was based on the life of middleweight boxer, Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter and his wrongful conviction; and the 1967 police drama, In the Heat of the Night (1967), starring legendary actor Sidney Poitier. Jewison is known for his ability to push boundaries related to societal norms with thought-provoking, socially conscious film and television endeavours. The Hazelton Hotel’s general manager, Gaurav Dutta, declared, “…it is in the humble nature of Canadians to shy away from celebrating one another, this stops today! Norman Jewison films are classics and will live on for forever and a day”. Jewison, known as Canadian film royalty, broached many taboo subjects throughout his career including subjects on racism and violence. Longtime colleague and business associate, producer Barry Avrich highlights the momentous unveiling as an ode to Jewison; Avrich posits, “the theatre is named not after, but during Norman”. This sentiment was echoed throughout the crowd as attendees jeered in support of this auspicious recognition.

From the left: Gaurav Dutta, Norman Jewison, Barry Avrich, Jory Hennick. Photo by George Pimentel

The Norman Jewison Cinema recognizes the award winning cinematographer’s contributions to the film industry, including founding the Canadian Film Centre in 1988. Jewison’s films have garnered him nearly 50 nominations, 12 Academy Awards and have made him a household name with classics such as Fiddler on the Roof (1971), Jesus Christ Superstar (1973) and The Thomas Crown Affair (1968). The unveiling was hosted by Toronto film personality Richard Crouse, who offered guests a glimpse into the life and film catalogue of Jewison. The Norman Jewison Cinema offers impressive state-of-the-art features including “Dolby surround sound, a 25 seat private cinema with an adjoining event space and culinary excellence tailored menus created by ONE Restaurant”.

The Hazelton Hotel is an oasis of opulence nestled in the heart of Yorkville. It offers class, history and honours Toronto with features unique to the hotel. Check it out for your next event or staycation.


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