“A Day In The Life” with artist Talla El Senoussi

Talla El Senoussi was born in Cairo, Egypt, and currently, studies in the Ontario College of Art and Design, majoring in Drawing and Painting. Her first introduction to the Fine Arts was through her mom; seeing her mother’s artwork ignited a fascination with the arts at a very young age.

While developing her artistic skills, Talla’s sole focus was to improve her technical skills and explore as many different types of art as possible. Throughout this process, she cultivated a love for representational art, more specifically, the portrayal of the human figure. Having consistently moved between Egypt, Toronto, and Saudi Arabia throughout her childhood, she fostered an interest in the pursuit of understanding the different ways culture influences human thought, intention, and interaction, which is seen in a variety of her artworks. Talla’s passion for the arts has never died out. Since her childhood, Talla is always seeking ways to express herself artistically and develop that part of her life. With a pen and paper always at hand, Talla never fails to explore both the conceptual and technical sides of her art.

Alexandria in the 1940s, Acrylic on canvas
Talla El Senoussi
Fun times in Toronto Island!
A portrait of an elderly man using charcoal and graphite in my sketchbook. I love creating portraits of older people because it’s a challenge to capture all the years and experiences lived through their expressions.
“فكهاني ” (Fakahany), oil paint on canvas. This painting is a portrait of a fruit vendor located near my house in Alexandria, Egypt. Fruit vendors can be found in almost every neighborhood in Alexandria. This painting is meant to highlight the importance of their presence within society.
Talla El Senoussi
Picture of me in the process of working on one of my pieces.
An image of my photography series, where I convey the passing of time. I tried capturing the movement of people in this tiny fraction of time where they pass in front of the camera, highlighting the beauty and serenity in its insignificance.
A digital collage made for a client. Print on canvas with gold leaf detailing. The client requested a merge of significant Egyptian and Western musicians.
Talla El Senoussi
Picture of me working on an acrylic painting on canvas.
A clay sculpture titled ” Agony of Time”


Which ’hood are you in?

I live in Downtown Toronto. I personally enjoy the hectic city life because it motivates me to always be on the go. Also, everything is a walking distance which makes life so much easier!

What do you do?

I am currently a student at OCAD U, majoring in Drawing and Painting. Aside from university, I work with clients and interior designers to make custom artwork.

What are you currently working on?

Right now I am focused on finding my own niche as an artist. I enjoy so many different types of art and have not yet found my own voice as an artist.

Where can we find your work?

You can find my work on my website and Instagram page.