Rikki Tikki takes the spotlight in Kensington Market

Ethnic food is forever authentic, revivifying and aromatic! A peculiar restaurant located in the heart of Toronto, Rikki Tikki is on the speedy rise. The one-of-a-kind new spot offers a distinctive cuisine that mirrors the traditional flavours of India and Western culture. Just the transcendent uniter we revere. According to the owner, Chef Ricky, he emphasizes on the requisite to assemble flavourful dishes that embody diversity and originality. With over 20+ years of experience, the distinguished chef is particular about bringing communities together at a dining table.

Rikki Tikki

His remarkable story is certainly heartening. After immigrating to Canada at the age of 15, Chef Ricky aspired to be a chef someday. Beginning his journey 26 years ago, he worked tirelessly to achieve his quest, and unravel the puzzle of mixing and matching spices. He surely doesn’t forget his humble beginnings and those who helped him along the way. As the soul and backbone of Rikki Tikki, he has continuously paraded stellar menu with the help of his trustworthy team. “Working with a diverse team of superstar chefs has made it effortless to fuse game-changing recipes. We hundred percent roll with the nutritious and healthy trend. I would say that is what keeps us solid daily,” says Chef Ricky.

Already garnering grand reviews online, the restaurant takes pride in serving high-quality delicacies. “We are specific when it comes to blending spices, a touch of Indian, fresh ingredients, modern recipes, and tiptop drinks. Everything is made in-house, and we want our guests to enjoy our appealing meals and be wowed by our unique food presentations. We don’t take all these for granted,” says Chef Ricky. Rikki Tikki is not only a reachable restaurant but also homely and full of vibrancy.

Visiting the esteemed restaurant was quite eventful. Located at 209 Augusta Ave, Toronto, the restaurant is a cushy, colourful, contemporary space, integrated with accessible, eclectic music, a patio and family-friendly feel. We were cordially welcomed with a lined-up dining and takeout menu of rich choices to choose from. It is no surprise that customer service is the pillar of the restaurant’s brand. “As an eatery, we strongly believe in atitihi devo bhava, which translates to guest is God. This motivates us to be a more hospitable soul,” says Chef Ricky.

Starting with the tender fried chicken tossed in spiced yogurt sauce with curry leaves ($12.95), we relished the mouthful of food that was served. A personalized service I must say. The restaurant embraces a humane environment and serves a variety of super meals to illuminate one’s day. Surely, we couldn’t rush out the door yet.

In another culinary segment, we were enticed by the Chicken Tikka Achari which includes boneless chicken marinated in homemade tikka sauce ($14.95). Such a memorable meal. Certainly, savoury, and tasty for a prim atmosphere.

Next on the list was the Gobi Thali which perfectly combines cauliflower marinated in yogurt with Indian spices ($13.95). Lest we forget, the Hyderabad Lamb Curry Lamb ($16.95) prepared with curry leaves and South Indian spices was served with Naan – Garlic/Mint ($3.95). One can tell that there is emphasis on appearance and piquancy.

Available for dine in from 11 a.m.–1:30 a.m., Rikki Tikki’s runs on a non-stop schedule. Selected appetizers and main courses can be simultaneously delivered to your doorstep by Uber Eats, DoorDash, and SkipTheDishes.

Rikki Tikki

This is one upscale venue you don’t want to bypass! An affable location for casual meet ups with friends or loved ones, coffee date, date nights and professional meetings, Rikki Tikki will draw you into its intimate ambience. So, if you are looking for a buzzy and budget-friendly eatery, Rikki Tikki has got your back.



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