Here’s your CNE food “no-calorie-counting” bucketlist

Get your stretchy shorts and oversized t-shirts ready for this year’s edition of the most crazy and interesting food offerings at the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE)! After a couple years of being shuttered because of you-know-what, the end of summer carnival returns full on complete with jaw-dropping shows, live entertainment, SuperDogs, midway rides and games, and of course, all the food! And you guessed it, this year’s “extra” food offerings are definitely over the top! But don’t worry, many of your traditional CNE food favourites will still be there!

Bring your appetite (and your Rolaids)! And remember to save room for Tiny Tom Donuts — a CNE tradition in itself! Here’s what else to put on your EAT EVERYTHING checklist at this year’s Exhibition. By the way, don’t even attempt to count calories — you’ll walk them off anyway! Ready?

The CNE opens August 19 to September 5, 2022. Be sure to plan ahead to also catch the new nightly drone show, acrobats, immersive multi-media show NEVAEH & The Northstar, Gaming Garage, Celebrity Kitchen Stage, the new Double-Decker Merry-Go-Round, Canadian International Air Show (Labour Day Weekend), the Mardi Gras Meet up and Celtic Celebration! Visit the official website for complete details and schedules!

State Fair Hot Dog by Tuxedo Franks: all beef hot dog topped with aged cheddar cheese sauce and caramel popcorn. Weird but flavourful with a crunch is a great choice for curious carnival food lovers.

Peach Mango Spice Cream by One Shot Swirl: if you like sweet heat, this one is for you. This “fire and ice” soft serve ice cream kicks it up a notch with Tabasco. Take note of their challenge and pop in that red hot chili pepper!

Cinnamon Curd Crunch by The King of Curds:  deep fried cheese curds topped with cream cheese icing, Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. Actually like a warm hug with a bit of a crunch.  They tell us it’s like a cinnamon roll. Cheese is mild so yeah, kinda.

CNE Food

Croffles by Fuwa Fuwa: from the popular fluffy Japanese pancake company comes these pretty croissant waffle desserts. Flavours include Tiramisu, Oreo, Chocolate Banana or fruit. Delish!

CNE Food

Seoul-ful Taters by GYOT: It’s all about the tater-tots from this food truck that will be on site! With a variety of toppings from Jambalaya to Mexican. The Seoul-ful Taters is with Bulgogi (beef), kimchi, and taters! Honesty, AMAZING. (look for their food truck)

CNE Food

Pickled Ice Cream by Whip it Real Good!: perhaps appealing for the pregnant demographic? We’ll let them be the judge. But they also offer a icy delicious Dole Whip Pineapple Split.

Ketchup and Mustard Soft Serve by So Cute Ice Cream: already buzzing as the “must try” food item of this year’s CNE will surely keep the conversations going. Remember ketchup is made of tomatoes…which is considered a fruit. They are also offering Pickled Lemonade! Pucker up to this tangy twist on summer’s favourite drink. It’s not as sweet as a straight up lemonade and tolerable. Also try the Mac and Cheese Lemonade. Good luck.

Bacon Ice Cream Sandwich by Legend Dairy Waffles & Cream: If you love a traditional ice cream sandwich then this may not be too far of a stretch to try!

Purple Slime Soda and Rainbow Slime Candy by Eative: The purple soda is actually made of blue matcha (aka butterfly pea flower) packed with antioxidants and really pretty! It glistens with edible glitter dust under the colourful lights (battery operated light up bottom). The rainbow slime candy will appeal to the littles or anyone who needs a sugar fix or, as the vendor says “wants a taste of joy and happiness”. We’ll go with that.

Leaning T.O.wer of Pisa by San Francesco: Inspired by one of the world’s most famous architectural wonders! Here you’ll get a waffle cone topped with fried meatballs, cheese topped with cotton candy and sprinkles. Maybe one of the most instagrammable food offerings this year!

Squid Ink Korean Corn Dog by Salt Spring Concessions: one of the biggest street food trends continues strong. Here your corn dog gets all dressed up and ready to go. Made with a hot dog spliced at the ends to resemble a squid then wrapped in cheese and rolled in squid inked batter, and panic crumbs! Great for those who want to eat and keep moving.

Deep Fried Dim Sum by Farm to Fryer: This food vendor serves up our favourite bite sized asian goodies …but fried (of course). Try dumplings, gyoza and rice cakes with sriracha mayo), Squid Cakes, Cheesecake Chimichunga with Pop Rocks and more.

Lobster Mac ‘n Cheese by The Lobster Pot: is it even summer without a taste of lobster? This substantial and popular dish is full of goodness – and you can eat the bowl too.

Cookie Butter Fries by Dutch Frites: cookie butter had a renewed interest over the past couple of years and this creation has us eating all our feelings.

Flaming Hot Cheetos Smash Burger by Bacon Nation: This popular burger gets a new twist this year with a Flaming Hot Cheetos Bun. Wedged in with the burger is thick cut maple bacon, cheddar cheese, chipotle mayo, and extra flaming hot Cheetos. Bacon Nation is also responsible for the Flaming Hot Cheetos Burrito and the Flaming Hot Cheetos Chicken Burger. You’ll also find the super gooey 10″ Fried Mozzarella Stick here. You’ve been warned.

Two-Foot Long Taco by Machette: this taco is stuffed with Oaxaca cheese and your choice of chorizo, ground beef or mushrooms. Reminds us of the street foods at mercados in Mexico!

Light Saber Cotton Candy: Be the envy of all Star Wars fans when you pull out this epic sized cotton candy treat served on a light saber! The force will definitely be with you on this one!

Cookies ‘n Cream Timbit Poutine by Tim Hortons: Apparently the chocolate “poutine” and the birthday cake sweets were so popular a few years back, they’ve decided to bring them back. Exclusive to the CNE. Sorry, no TimBiebs here.

Donut Pulled Pork Sandwich by Krispy Kreme: Succulent pulled pork and creamy coleslaw nestled between two original Krispy Kreme donuts.




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