Five Minutes With Toronto Singer Song Writer Josh Ritchie

Josh Ritchie is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer based in Ontario. Having grown up in the Canadian music scene with a family of music teachers, performers and songwriters, Ritchie has had music in his soul since day one. From the moment he was able to stand Ritchie has been playing anything he can get his hands on. His love for music quickly became an addiction giving the up and coming 21- year-old musical chops and an artistic maturity beyond his age. Then came the voice, quickly developing in choirs and music classes, now having a seemingly endless range and power. Ritchie can go from an intimate whisper to a boisterous roar with unequalled effect.

In early 2019 Ritchie took to the studio to record his debut, self produced record “Louder.” The album was released to a sold out crowd on August 24th, 2019. The title track Louder was voted on the top 100 list in the 2020 CBC Music Searchlight competition. In the September of 2020 Ritchie was named as one of the Toronto Blues Society’s finalists for their annual Talent Search competition where he finished 2nd place. Ritchie is currently working on new material for his second studio album, “Love at the End of the World” set to be released in 2021. In the lead up tp this Ritchie Released a self titled EP on June 13th 2021, a trilogy of songs inspired by his work and experiences as an activist fighting for racial equality.

Name: Josh Ritchie

Genre: Rock

Founded: 2018

Number of Albums: One album, one EP

Latest Release: Josh Ritchie – EP

Latest Single: 911

Latest Video: N/A

Favourite Band as a Teenager: U2

Favourite Band Now: Still U2

Guilty Pleasure Song: Kiwi – Harry Styles.

Live Show Ritual: Left shoe on first and a glass of water with a hint of baking soda for my voice.

Favourite Local Artist: Kunle, check him out!

EP or LP: LP

Early Bird or Night Owl: Night Owl, I believe the morning starts at noon.

Road or Studio:


Any Albums or shows coming up?

I just released an EP

Sneaky Dees nachos, pasta from Terroni or a superfood salad from Fresh:

Pasta from Terroni.

Queen or College St:

Queen St.

Trinity Bellwoods, High Park, Kew Gardens or other:

High Park.

Swiss Chalet or Roti:

Swiss Chalet.

Where can we follow you?

Instagram or Facebook

Favourite Local Restaurant:

The late great John’s Italian Cafe