Theodore Too has arrived in Toronto

Accompanied by a welcoming flotilla, Theodore Too, a 65-foot working replica of Theodore Tugboat from the popular Thomas the Tank Engine world, entered the Toronto Harbour today, laying rest at Harbourfront Centre near the Westjet Stage.

Theodore Too
Theodore Too – Photo by Joel Levy

Captain Gary Byers brought the tugboat to Toronto after it had been in Halifax for 21 years. The boat left Halifax on June 9th on route to its new home in Hamilton, but not before a visit to Toronto!

Theodore Too has entered a collaboration with Swim Drink Fish, one of the Canada’s leading water education and conservation advocates. The Tugboat will become an ambassador of sustainability efforts promoting water conservation, education, and people’s connection to the water around the GTA and across the Great Lakes, which account for 20 percent of the world’s surface freshwater.

Families can take part in the THEODORE TOO Watermarks, a project designed to collect personal stories of people on their local waterways. This crowd-sourced initiative allows individuals to help researchers identify waters where people swim, drink, or fish, so that those uses can be protected in the future.

Come down to the waterfront and meet Theodore Too!





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