Stevie Crowne is producing reimagined, reinvented, & repurposed fashion

We recently caught up with Stevie Crowne for our latest designer profile to chat about his brand that specializes in producing reimagined, reinvented, & repurposed fashion.

Stevie Crowne

What is your brand called and what do you make?

I am the founder, designer, and creative force behind the Stevie Crowne brand. It focuses on producing reimagined, reinvented, and repurposed collections, custom-wear, and diffusion ready to wear. My offerings have a social or societal narrative attached to them and I continually push myself to reach as far inside of myself and into the outside world to manifest clothes which have importance and value. My tastes and aesthetics are meant to draw attention in order to push my messaging & awareness. I believe that sustainability, inclusivity & accessibility is important. These terms are always in mind when creating.

When did you launch?

2011 is when I launched the startup idea for Stevie Crowne in Saskatoon, where I was born and raised. One year later when I turned 18, I began to move allover Canada for the next 9 years, producing runway shows, fashion films, pop ups, and limited edition collaborations with stores. I wound up moving to London, England in October 2020 and I’m excited to say that Stevie Crowne Limited is now an incorporated company in the United Kingdom as of October 2020.

What are some of the things that differentiate you from the competition?

For starters, I have a ride or die connection with the people I make clothes for. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for my clients- from 1am phone calls, working on strict budgets and tight deadlines are among the things that prove my dedication to them. I connect on a deeper level and listen to who they are. Style is a personal element of ones’ self and I want them to know that they can let their guard down with me and they can be whoever they want! When I work with people it’s not work at all- it’s like hanging out with a friend you’ve known forever, even if you just met! I facilitate an experience where people, style, and fashion collide!

We live in a depersonalized industry and world and I pride myself in putting authenticity and soul at the forefront of my endeavours. I think we also live in a world where we accept the bare minimum as the norm- I want to shake things up again and show the world what fashion and style really is about! My brand is all about celebrating and dignifying each other, fighting for a cause, and distinguishing ourselves as equally unique but also the same as the next person. It’s all about visible inclusivity, radical love, and cerebral ideas that can move us forward! Each piece I create is a physical manifestation of emotions and intellectual concept.

Where is it made? What materials do you use?

I have brought the Stevie Crowne brand to Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, and now I produce in London, England. I’ll be travelling to Italy over the summer to shoot the fashion film for my upcoming collection and will be also designing from there! Each city and place I find myself in inspires me in different ways which propels me in new directions.

I predominately source thrift, vintage, and dead stock and upcycle them using top notch trimmings, fabrics, and other notions alongside tailoring. The materials vary each season depending on my creative direction but the fundamental base always remains. I love the idea of finding a discarded item or forgotten garment that could have wound up in a landfill and giving it a total glow up which makes it appealing and special.

Who is your target audience?

1. Musicians, DJ’s, drag performers, and artists. They are always forward; ususally requesting experimental and riveting designs.

2. Young professionals 25-35. They appreciate a statement and standout piece to be mixed in a refined, balanced, and chic wardrobe.

3. Gen Z: The new generation! They are tenacious, outspoken, and fearless. They are political activists, game changers, and outliers. Gen z is on a mission to make the world into a better place and it excites me!

4. LGBTQIA community. Many of us in the community have a loud, expressive, and flashy style. I do also find it important to design subdued and non binary pieces for those who don’t follow the binary profile. Each and every letter in the LGBTQIA acronym is to be dignified, felt seen, and respected in my branding.

To keep these demographics intersectional, overlapping, and in relation to one another is important. Through craftsmanship, universal messaging, and creative conviction, it is my true goal to make each customer feel heard, accepted, and acknowledged.

Stevie Crowne

Who are some of your fashion influences?

I have always adored expressive designers such as Alexander McQueen, Thierry Mugler, Gareth Pugh, Jeremy Scott, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Vivienne Westwood. I love experimental fashion brands like Comme Des Garçons as well- people who push boundaries and break rules.

In terms of fashion icons, I LOVE Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Daphne Guinness, Daniel Lismore, and Isabella Blow. I adore artists like Jaden Smith who defy gender stereotypes as well! These are individuals who push the barrier with their own unique offering to style.

Where can we purchase your brand?

I have an online shop on, you can also DM me on Instagram, or email if you are seeking custom wear or have any enquiries.

Where can we follow you?

Instagram: @StevieCrowne
YouTube: Stevie Crowne
Tiktok- @StevieCrowne

PAY IT FORWARD: What is another Toronto fashion brand or designer that you like?

I am absolutely loving Scott Wabano right now. Scott is 2Spirit Eeyou; a truly inspirational indigenous Canadian creative who just launched their debut drop that sold out insanely quick! I want to see more representation in the industry and this is such a great win. I love that Scott also creates safe spaces for 2Spirit/IndigiQueer Youth in urban settings.

Any modern day brand that intertwines activism into their DNA will succeed in the new world we find ourselves in!