‘The Last Dish’ online art auction opens in support of Toronto Restaurant Workers Relief Fund

Every restaurant in our city has felt the impact of the pandemic. From the chefs to the wait and bar staff at the “front of the house” to those working behind the scenes prepping and cleaning, we all know how hard it’s been for them to pivot, patio and find ways to keep their businesses running. Some have not survived and some are barely getting by and hanging on to hope of returning to doing what they love at full service. Yes, we’re trying to do our part and ordering take out as much we can and crossing our fingers that we can soon continue to eat out again. In the meantime, we can also help support the Toronto Restaurant Workers Relief Fund as they launch their “Last Dish” auction.

last dish

Beginning on May 17, the Last Dish auction gives the public the opportunity to bid on one-of-a-kind art pieces created by local artists. The dishes can be found at LastDish.ca

Showcasing incredible artwork on plates, the initiative will also raise awareness to the sad realty of how many restaurants have closed their doors due to the pandemic and raise money for the Toronto Restaurant Workers Relief Fund (TRWRF), an organization that provides services for current and out-of-work restaurant workers in dignified ways. They’ve also provided grocery assistance and help access mental healthcare support to those in need.

Each commemorate plate honours well known Toronto establishments that have served their last dish. Some of the works include artist Jackie Poirier who painted the Last Dish for Vesuvio (1958 to 2020), Shain Lambert who painted Southern Accent (1984 to 2020), and Madison Van Rijn who painted Kit Kat Italian Bar and Grill (1987 to 2020).

Each plate is meant as a decorative art piece. A brief history about each restaurant is also posted on the auction site.

You can visit the online auction from now until May 31, 2021 and show your support here.




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