A Little Bit Pregnant Review

A Little Bit Pregnant is a uniquely touching play that takes the audience on a journey through the trials and tribulations of two young couples and pregnancy.

A Little Bit Pregnant Review

The play is being featured in this year’s Toronto Fringe Fest, which celebrates local theatre and gives rise to young talent in the performing arts. Toronto Fringe Fest is 35 years old this year and is hitting the city in a big way. It runs from July 5th to 16th and with over 100 shows, you are sure to find something you like.

A Little Bit Pregnant dives into the world of young love, where the character’s futures seem completely unpredictable but vitally important. Kate Lavut, the writer, was able to capture that 20-something angst that you feel right as your life is about to change and you just don’t know which way to go.

Lavut is also able to approach some fairly serious topics, such as infertility and abortion, with a tenderness that makes the audience wonder if maybe the story could be based on real life. There were moments in the play when I wanted to shout out my advice to the characters as if they were real people dealing with these very real issues. And to me, that is the mark of a very good play.

And good acting. I would have to say that Julia Pye, who plays the main character Tasha, is definitely one to look for. She is in almost every scene, which is not a small feat for this young actress. She brings a lovely realness to the character which only adds to the overall likeability of this play.

A Little Bit Pregnant is playing at the Tarragon Theater (30 Bridgeman Ave) and has 6 more showings throughout the Toronto Fringe Fest. To get tickets, click here.


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