Theo Vandenhoff Heartache Is An Empty Room – Post-Punk Video Premiere

Post-punk heartthrob, Theo Vandenhoff, burst onto the scene last month with his debut EP — Heartache Is An Empty Room — which was released digitally and on limited cassette via Toronto-based label Safe Sounds.

Toronto Guardian is delighted to premiere the music video for the title track, Heartache Is An Empty Room. The track features the dulcet tones of Vandenhoff, whose deep controlled voice oozes quality and an incredible maturity beyond his years!

The video was filmed in early 2020 throughout areas of Toronto that were currently spared from glass tower developments. Construction is one industry that Covid does not appear to have slowed down, and many of these locations have changed drastically in a very short time since then, most notably the infamous Galleria Mall, a spot Vandenhoff frequented while growing up in Toronto’s junction triangle.

Theo Vandenhoff comments – “all the locations we shot at were explicitly selected for their liminality. The point was to show beauty and romanticism in the spaces between what was and what will be. Sometimes we block out these moments when we focus too much on the end of what seems like a corridor of uncertainty. I would encourage people to stop and appreciate the intricacies of each transitional space they find themselves in, both physically and metaphysically.”

To find out more about Theo Vandenhoff, visit Safe Sounds.




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