Jamie Allen’s ILLUSIONARIUM Immersive Exhibition is coming to Toronto

If you’re looking for something exhilarating to do (social distanced, of course) this holiday season, Jamie Allen’s ILLUSIONARIUM will have its world premiere right here in Toronto starting December 14. This immersive experience will take visitors through the evolution of magic and illusions revealing some of the deepest secrets of the craft.

Lighthouse Immersive and renowned illusionist Jamie Allan will bring intrigue, mystery, and wonder, through a labyrinth of magical rooms transporting audiences to different eras in time. Using 3D projections, life-like holograms and live magicians, ILLUSIONARIUM offers the chance to experience some of the greatest, grand-scale illusions in the world. The first-of-its-kind installation will occupy the third gallery space in the historic Toronto Star printing presses and run alongside IMMERSIVE VAN GOGH and GOGH BY CAR, filling the complex with awe-inspiring immersive experiences that appeal to all ages and tastes.

The concept by British high-tech magician Jamie Allen, blends his in-depth knowledge of the history of magic with state-of-the-art technology, bringing the illusions of the past into the 21st century. Visualized in a series of four magical rooms, each representing a different era in starting with the 17th century, visitors are guided through the styles of magic spanning hundreds of years.

Founded in 2019 by Toronto-based producers, Corey Ross and Svetlana Dvoretsky, Lighthouse Immersive is the first experiential entertainment multi-plex, aiming to cultivate community and creativity through large-scale events and exhibitions of all art forms. The Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit in Toronto has already welcomed over 200,000 visitors since the doors opened in July this year.

We’ll be checking it out soon and reporting back. But in the meantime, tickets will be on sale beginning November 14, 2020. Starting price is $99 per couple. Group rates available.

More info can be found here.




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