Recipe for Red Velvet Shake from Savour Ontario chefs

Local Ontario ingredients always make the best meals and snacks in our opinion, and Savour Ontario chefs Emily Richards, Jasmine Baker & Sarah Evans have collaborated on creating a real treat using Ontario beets, Ontario dairy and local maple syrup.  The Red Velvet Shake, and other recipes from the Dairy Famers of Ontario, will be available at the Restaurants Canada Show from the 1st – 3rd of March 2020. Don’t worry if you missed the event, because you can still whip up this tasty treat at home!

This innovative and delicious shake tastes just like decedent red velvet, but is packed with nutrient-rich ingredients including grass-fed organic yogurt, organic chocolate milk, maple syrup and local beets. The subtle heat from the panca pepper paste elevates this delectable shake to the next level and adds a little extra zing!

Red Velvet Shake

Red Velvet Shake

Makes 16oz


-2 cans cooked rosebud beets
-1 Tbsp beet juice
-1/2 cup Hans Dairy Grass-Fed Organic Plain Yogurt 3.5% M.F
-1/2 cup Ontario chocolate milk
-1Tbsp cocoa powder
-1Tbsp maca powder
-1tsp maple syrup
-1/2 tsp vanilla
-1tsp aji panca pepper paste
-Real whipping cream
-A sprinkle of cacao nibs and chili powder


1. Mix together beets, beet juice, yogurt, chocolate milk, cocoa powder, maca powder, maple syrup, vanilla essence and panca powder in a blender. Blitz for 30 seconds until smooth.

2. Refrigerate the mixture as you whisk the whipping cream until solid peaks are formed. Pour the refrigerated mixture into a desirable 16oz glass and then top with the whipping cream

3. Top with real whipping cream, cacao nibs and chili powder




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