“Five Minutes With” Toronto musician Keith Mosfet

Keith Mosfet grew up in the Brantford & Hamilton area playing in punk bands and 60’s – esque music.

I’m currently livin’ my best life in Toronto. Mosfet isn’t really my last name, its close though. It stands for metal oxide silicon field effect transistor. I studied electronic engineering and this was my nickname in school. I love traveling, sarcasm, and trying to figure out life.


Name: Keith Mosfet

Genre: Indie, folk, psych, pop, garage

Founded: January 9th, 1990

# of Albums: 1 under this name

Latest Release: Superficial Hypocrite

Latest Single: What can I do?

Latest Video:

Favourite Restaurant:
Sneaky Dee’s

Favourite band as a teenager:

The Kinks

Favourite band now:

I cant narrow that down. I am always listening to new music so its kind of constantly changing.

Guilty Pleasure Song:

Sean Paul – Temperature. I actually love dancehall music

Live Show Ritual:

Always pee before playing. Never wash hands out of fear of being electrocuted.

Favourite local artist:

Wine Lips

Sneaky Dees nachos, pasta from Terroni or a superfood salad from Fresh?

Sneaky Dee’s nachos are a blessing to my life.

Queen or College St?

College street

Trinity Bellwoods or High Park, Riverdale or Kew Gardens?

Trinity bellwoods. I love sitting up top of the hill by the dark park on a sunny day drinking beer and watching the doggos has the time of their lives.

EP or LP?

I love LP’s. But I guess no one else does. So I gotta start releasing more EP’s

Early bird or night owl?

I am both. I have a lot of energy and need to constantly work on things.

Road or studio?

I like the studio

Swiss Chalet or Roti?

Swiss Chalet. Chicken and gravy are fantastic.

Where can we follow you?

Spotify and all of the other streaming sources.

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Any shows or albums coming up?

Playing January 30th at Dakota Tavern.

New single release January 27th for my upcoming EP.

Vinyl release sometime in January or February.



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