Sushi Cones with Yellowfin Tuna in Poke Dressing

Sushi Cones filled with yellowfin tuna, avocado and pineapple in poke dressing as served at the The Roof at Soco at the Delta Hotel in Toronto.

sushi cones

Sushi Cones

Start with making the sushi rice by soaking for 45min in cold water. Steam the rice for 30min. Prepare your vinegar ratio. For 1 cup of cooked rice use half cup of seasoned rice vinegar. As soon as the rice is finished cooking add the vinegar, mix it up, allow it to sit for 20min and then break it all up. 

Tuna Poke Dressing


– 200 ml Gluten free soy
– 120 ml Rice vinegar
– 24g Jalapeno, cored and seeds removed
– 24g Ginger, peeled and roughly chopped
– 24g Garlic Plus seasoning
– 40ml Sesame Oil
– 12g Sambal
– bunch Cilantro, stems removed
– 20g Shallots, roughly chopped
– 80ml Mirin
– 75ml Lime Juice
– 5g Chipotle pepper, ground

Puree all ingredients together in vitamix to ensure an even consistency. Season with lime juice.


Avocado cubed
Diced grilled pineapple


Marinate cubed yellowfin tuna in poke dressing. Add cubed up avocado, small-diced grilled pineapple and grilled julienne shitakes. Set aside for 30min. 

Take your nori wrap, add tablespoon of sushi rice and flatten it out evenly. Place 1.5oz of tuna mix in the center along with, julienne apples, julienne cucumber, scallion, puffed rice and spicy aioli. Form it into a cone and garnish with micro cilantro.



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