“Five Minutes With” singer songwriter Tim Moxam

Tim Moxam refuses to rest. A full-time Carpenter and musician, his quietly dazzling folk-pop arrangements reflect the tireless patience, precision, and quality he brings to his work. And when his work day is done and he starts to sing, the only sensible thing to do is listen.

Tim Moxam
Photo Credit: Jen Squires

Name: Tim Moxam

Genre: indie/folk/roots/contemporary/alternative

Founded: 2013

# of Albums: 3 (one EP/Two LP)

Latest Release: Marlborough Hall

Latest Single: Goodbye, Already

Latest Video: Goodbye, Already

But you’ve also got to check out the video for Honesty

Favourite Restaurant?

It’s a tie between Loga’s Corner in Parkdale and Golden Turtle on Ossington. Just depends on my mood, but the Tibetan and Vietnamese food options in Toronto are top notch. These are my favourite spots for each.

Favourite band now?

Artist loyalty has changed. The way people consume music now is more “single” based and artists have shorter time in the spotlight. It’s not the same as before when you’d idolize a band and follow them religiously. At least not for me. But I’m loyal to A.A. Bondy.

Guilty Pleasure Song?

Rae Spoon – Do Whatever the Heck you Want. Maybe not a guilty pleasure, per-se, but this is the song I’d be caught karaokes-ing to myself in front of the mirror in my underwear.

Live Show Ritual?

Panic. There’s always one moment before every show when I believe I’ve made a huge mistake choosing to be a musician. I’m not generally too nervous on stage, so I’ve accepted and embrace this compartmentalized moment of fear as ritual. It helps ground me and keeps me focused on proving myself wrong. And at the end of every show, I am convinced I made the right choice.

Favourite local artist?

LUKA. He’s got this approach to vocal delivery much like Cohen, but he’s his own unique self. I saw him for the first time at Burdock in Toronto, mouth wide open the whole time. I went alone and sat in the front row. The band was incredible and the songs were so strong. There was one song I couldn’t even clap after.

Sneaky Dees nachos, pasta from Terroni or a superfood salad from Fresh?

Super Food Salad from Fresh… Just kidding, Nachos from Sneaky Dee’s, or PIZZA from Terroni, But I should probably have the Super Food Salad from Fresh.

Queen or College St?

It depends. Queen Street in Parkdale over Queen Street West. College Street Kensington over Little Italy.

Trinity Bellwoods or High Park, Riverdale or Kew Gardens?

Trinity Bellwood’s ten years ago, High Park now. Riverdale in the summer, Kew Gardens in the winter, for surfing season. Yeah, it’s a thing.

EP or LP?

EP. I release full length albums because I love listening to full albums. To hear the artist’s whole story. To take the journey over the arc of the whole record. But EP’s are easier to consume and follow suit with the “single” based listener mentality. Plus they are faster and easier to produce and put out to the public. The whole point is to keep creating and engaging with your audience and EP’s are the most efficient way to do so. My next release will likely be in the form of a series of EP’s, enabling me to get more music out faster.

Early bird or night owl?

Unfortunately, both. I work as a full time carpenter  and musician. So I’m up at 6am and go to bed whenever I’ve finished making music for the night.

Road or studio?

Hm. Studio for sure. It’s collaborative and exciting and all those sounds you’ve been imagining come to life and become concrete. But at the same time, once you’ve recorded a song, it’s no longer yours. It belongs to everyone now, and it can be a bit hard to let go. After I record an album I usually listen obsessively and then shelve it for a long time, once it’s been released to the public. The road is exciting because it allows you to constantly transform your songs and engage with them in real time. It becomes a collaboration between the artist and audience.

Swiss Chalet or Roti?

Roti. If I want a roast chicken I’ll hit a Churrasqueira.

Where can we follow you?

You can find me anywhere you stream music and you can follow me on Facebook and Instagram @timmoxammusic. Really, you only have to type Tim Moxam in Google and you’ll find me. I’m lucky, there don’t seem to be too many Tim Moxam’s, at least online.

Any shows or albums coming up?

My sophomore LP Marlborough Hall came out on March 29th everywhere on Roaring Girl Records, and I’ll be at Burdock in Toronto on April 9th for the album release show, 6pm doors. I hope to see you, and thanks for reading!



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