CONTEST: Tickets for Chef’s Party at Assembly Chef’s Hall

The third monthly Chef’s Party at Assembly Chef’s Hall is right around the corner and we’re giving away tickets!

When I try to plan outings for my friends on a Saturday night, a restaurant is usually in the cards for us. Luckily, Assembly Chef’s Hall is thinking outside the box and throwing an epic tasting fest this Saturday June 2nd. Now you can bring your friends to a party that’s already been planned rather than bringing the party to your food.


Assembly Chef’s Hall is hosting their monthly Chef’s Party where you will be able to taste a little bit of everything from all around the Assembly world. And the kicker, food and beer are included in your ticket price. VIP all night long. Have a couple bites, play a couple games, drink a couple cocktails. Sounds like your Saturday night just got a whole lot more fun…and filling.

Want to win passes to this month’s Chef’s Party? We have your back! We’re giving away 50 passes this Wednesday May 30th. These passes INCLUDE food and one beer. For a little extra fun, you can enter their epic Hot Dog Eating Competition throughout the day and win Chef’s Party Tickets for a Year!



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Contest closes Wednesday May 30th.


Chef’s Party

When: June 2nd, 2018
Location: 111 Richmond Street West
Time: 4:30pm until late

Want to buy tickets? Click here
Use code GameOn for $5 off your purchase.




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